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How to Increase the Appetite Naturally

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July 15, 2020
Appetite Naturally

You shall find people who are desperately trying to lose weight, there are also some who suffer from anorexia and want to gain weight. Having no appetite permanently can not only be devastating, but it can also seriously threaten your health.

Many pharmacies offer appetizing preparations on different bases. But there are also a lot of home remedies at home to increase the feeling of hunger in a natural way. Here we have mentioned some natural appetizers you can use to stimulate hunger and gain weight.

Bitter Tea

One of the easiest ways to get your appetite back is to drink tea. Above all, the bitter substances contained in tea have an appetizing effect. There are numerous blends in tea bags on the market that only need to be burned. Proven medicinal plants include ginger and sage. They stimulate digestion, activate gastric secretion, and thus ensure a healthy appetite.

Other ingredients can be gentian, hops, wormwood, or yarrow. Whether individually or as a tea mixture, in bags or loose, the teas should always take about 10 minutes to release the bitter substances into the water. If the morning coffee is replaced by an appetizing tea, it can ensure that the feeling of hunger increases slightly throughout the day.


Spicy food can also increase your appetite. Especially people who find it difficult to get through their meals benefit from enriching small portions with appetizing spices. Maybe they’ll be precise after a second serving. The most effective spices are ginger and coriander, tarragon, and basil. Also, paprika, curry, cayenne pepper, and of course the chili boost hunger.

Those who struggle permanently with anorexia should include these spices in their daily food regime. Spicy dishes in particular stimulate metabolism, support the gastrointestinal tract and thus stimulate the appetite.


The rule of thumb applies here too as hot and bitter is the key. With their essential oils, garlic and onion vegetables promote the production of digestive juices. Radish and artichokes can also stimulate the digestive juices with their mustard oils and bitter substances. Bitter lettuce such as endive, chicory, and dandelion together with a vinegar dressing awaken the taste buds, stimulate digestion, and increase appetite.


CBD oil is a new natural remedy that can be used to increase appetite. CBD oil is made out of the CBD compound that is present in the cannabis plant. It is a well-known fact that smoking cannabis increases appetite and we called it “munchies.” And FYI, it is psychoactive so it won’t get you high or produce euphoric feelings. It can be consumed orally and some CBD edibles are also available in the permitted areas. There several online dispensaries such as peak420 where users can get various cannabis products. CBD stimulates hunger after reaching the human endocannabinoids system which is present in various parts of the human body.



Every type of sport and exercise in the fresh air not only makes your body fit, but it also increases your feeling of hunger.

Chewing Gums

Children especially love chewing gum. Chewing gum tastes good, stimulates the flow of saliva, and prepares the body for food. However, if there is no food intake, the stomach reacts “disappointed” and it asks for food by increasing hunger.