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    How to Make a Basic Tool-Kit for Your Telecommunication Crew

    Telecommunication Crew

    Regardless of the industry, any technician needs a proper tool kit that will help them to perform their job properly. Telecom maintenance technicians and installers need a good kit too. 

    Telecom (known as telecommunications) is known as the industry that comprises Internet providers, wired and wireless phone operators, cable companies, and satellite companies. The mission of these companies is to send data to send make global communication possible. This industry is considered one of the most growing today. 

    Therefore, if you work in the telecom industry, and you want to keep building your career in it, a good kit of telecom tools is a must. You need a special set of gear, including installation tools. screwdrivers, scissors, knives, cutters, pliers, and others. Here is a more detailed list of tools that you may need: 

    Cable Crimpers

    A cable crimper is an important tool for dealing with overhead distribution cables, underground cables, copper power cables, and others. They are robust and often used in heavy-duty applications. Crimpers are similar to pliers, but with the ability to attach connectors and strip, cable ends. There are many sizes and varieties of cable crimpers. 

    Electrical Multimeter

    An electrical multimeter is one of the most important telecommunication tools that is used to diagnose various electric faults. Techs also used electrical multimeters to detect the most important energy magnitudes, including power, current, active energy, and reactive power. There are two types of multimeter: digital and analog. They differ in the method of display and measurement. 

    Digital is the most common type of multimeter available on the market today. Digital multimeters are categorized into three basic types, such as clamp digital, auto-ranging, and fluke digital multimeter. 

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    Analog multimeters are older than digital multimeters, and they were manufactured before the digital multimeter era. If you decide to get an analog multimeter, you should make sure that it has high sensitivity, otherwise, its reading may not be accurate. 

    Lineman’s Handset 

    It is a special type of telephone that telecom technicians use for testing a line for activity. It is also referred to as a test set, buttinski, or butt set. It may be directly attached to aerial lines and other infrastructure components. Lineman’s handset is similar to a regular phone, but there is one difference – the lack of a traditional phone connection. 

    Crimping Pliers

    Crimping pliers are another must-have tool for telecom techs that are used for compressing 2×2 or 2×3 crimps. They are often used in electrical work to crimp connectors and terminals. You can choose between manual and electronic crimpers. Both types have their own features and advantages. 

    Manual crimping pliers:

    • Easy-to-use
    • Adjustable using an adjustment screw
    • Excellent chemical resistance of the surface coating

    Electronic crimping pliers:

    • Ergonomic design
    • Reproducible, secure, and tight crimping
    • Easy and quick removal of caps

    Cable Strippers

    A cable stripper (also known as a wire stripper) is a tool that is used to strip the outside coating of a cable and make it ready for termination. Usually, technicians use this tool when they need to connect two wires or when they need to apply a connector to the end of a coated cable. 

    Voltage And Circuit Testers

    A circuit tester is a device that most telecom techs use in order to determine whether or not power is reaching the circuit. They are among very affordable tools that can be easily found at home supplies or hardware stores. This device is like a small wand with a tip on the end that helps sense voltage in circuit breakers, light sockets, outlets, lamp cords, and switches. There are several types of circuit testers:

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    • Voltage testers. They are used to detect the presence or absence of electrical voltage in wires, cables, circuit breakers, light fixtures, switches, and outlets. 
    • Electronic voltage testers. This type of tester can measure the alternating current and direct current, and provide a numeric reading of the present voltage. 
    • Continuity testers. Techs use this type of circuit tester to determine a malfunctioning of a light switch. By using this tester, you can check whether an electrical circuit is open or closed. The main difference between open and closed circuits is that closed circuits can conduct electricity, while open circuits cannot. 
    • Circuit breaker finders. They determine the circuit breaker controlling the outlet. There are two parts – a transmitter and a receiver. 
    • Non-contact voltage testers. These types of testers can read the tested devices and wires without contacting them directly. 

    Laser Measuring and Impact Tools

    It is a special device equipped with a laser, computer, and optical sensor. The laser and optical sensor send the information to the computer and provide the user with accurate distance learning. Having this tool in your telecom tool kit is like having a personal assistant and even more.

    If you are a telecom tech and you are looking for high-quality online tool supplier for your kit, Destiny Solutions is the company that is ready to help you. For over 30 years, our staff has been working by advising our clients of different tools, including telecom tools. We have a large stock of all need top-notch equipment that is needed for performing any type of job in the telecommunication industry.  We successfully work with different companies and in three different states, and we do our best to help you grow as a professional and contribute to your company’s success. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message by using the contact form on our website. 


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