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How to Make Money Playing Video Games

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August 02, 2021
How To Make Money Playing Video Games

If gaming is your passion, chances are you might be actively looking for ways to make an income from it. If you’re reading this article, those chances are probably at 100%. You can become many things as a gamer, from game tester to livestreamer. Anything is possible in the gaming industry. Finding a job as a gamer may require hard work, but it will pay off taking your passion to the next level. It requires dedication, time, and lots of effort to keep a job as a gamer.

If you’re ready to level up into a career that takes your gaming dreams and aspirations into consideration, read below for ideas on how to make money playing video games.

Make an income by livestreaming your gaming sessions.


Livestreaming is by far one of the most popular methods of making money in today’s technological world. You can simply livestream yourself playing CS:GO or Dota on Twitch and earn a passive income from sponsorships or affiliations. Additionally, you can set up donation pages or fundraisers and people can provide additional income from their own pockets. If you know of Sp9rk1eaking, you know that making an income playing video games is as plausible as it is possible.

Write about gaming and gaming tech news for a living.


If you can play games and translate into words what you have played, your gameplay experiences, and your roster of esports events, you should give gaming journalism a go. The gaming journalism company hotspawn.com provides gamers with the latest esports news and exclusive offers and giveaways through their Hotspawn newsletter. Simply sign up with your email address to receive these goodies. At companies like Hotspawn, you have the chance to write about your favorite games, esports news, and gaming technology and make an income from it.

Upload video game tutorials and guides on YouTube.


Similar to live streaming you can make video tutorials and guides and upload them to YouTube. You may have to play to record your screen and post walkthroughs, tricks, or any knockouts you perform for everyone to see. You can affiliate yourself with gaming sponsors so that when anybody clicks on an affiliate link, you can be sent an income for it. You can also make revenue from ads and even make a Patreon account so you can grow your gaming community and develop a sustainable income from it.

Join the esports world by playing or coaching others.


Esports have gained popularity in the past years and have become a goal to many gamers in North America as well as around the globe. With famous esports gamers and coaches like G2 Nelson and Odoamne, there is no doubt you can make a living like them by pursuing your gaming passion. You can reach out to your gamer friends and create an esports team. Practice as much as you can and join gaming tournaments to improve your skills and increase your popularity. If you are a pro-gramer enthusiast, you may just have the strength to make a living from the lifestyle.

Test video games and make money in the process.


Another alternative you can take to make money playing video games is by testing video games for larger companies or corporations like Blizzard, Valve, and Nintendo. These companies look for gamers like yourself who have an eye for details, have good problem-solving skills, and are passionate about high-quality gaming experiences. As a game tester, you will verify performance, content quality, functionality, usability, and hardware/software compatibility.

Gaming is always fun, but it can be even more fun to get paid for doing it. After reading these ideas, feel free to continue your research for the alternative you enjoyed the most and pursue a career in it.