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How to spruce up your staircase on a budget

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September 23, 2021
How to spruce up your staircase on a budget

A well designed and decorated staircase can be a real centrepiece of your home.

It can create a bit of wow factor when people walk through the door.

But like everything, after a while those vibrant colours might fade.

That immaculate carpet might start to look drab and worn.

And that solid wood finish could look a little more deadwood.

When this happens, you have two choices.

Rip the staircase up and start again.

Or be a little bit clever and cost effective by sprucing up your staircase and revitalising it back to its former glory.

If you don’t fancy dipping into your savings for a new staircase, here’s some quick, simple and cheap staircase renovation ideas.

  1. Lose the wood spindles for a glass balustrade

A glass balustrade fits into any design style, whether you’re looking for sleek and modern or contemporary.

Not only do they look great, they can help create the illusion of some extra space and even bring some extra brightness to your hallway or living room by reflecting more light.

  • Hide the cracks with a comfy carpet

If your wooden stairs are starting to get a bit cracked and creaky, consider simply installing some comfy carpet over the top.

You can recarpet the entire staircase or go with something a little slimmer to add some contrast between the carpet and remaining wood.

A rugged wool carpet can help hide those creaking noises and bring some new life to the stairs.

  • Try a simple paint job

If you’re starting to see some fading in your stairs but aren’t ready to say goodbye to your wooden feature, just grab a paint brush and give them some TLC.

This could be just the excuse you need to add some newer colour scheme to the hallway or you can just bring the existing colour back to its former glory.

  • See what’s under the rug

If you’ve always had a carpet on your staircase, maybe it’s time to lift the lid and see what’s sitting underneath.

With some light sanding and a bit of treatment and TLC you could totally transform your dingy carpet stairs into a standout wooden path.

  • Contrast some big colours

Make your staircase stand out by choosing some big, bold contrasting colours.

Black on white is the extreme contrast, but you could go a little subtler with some contrasting greys.

Or, simply pick from your home’s colour scheme and mix and match your favourite colours.

  • Ditch the old handrails

If you don’t want to replace the stairs, then replacing a few parts can have just as good an effect.

Replacing your staircase’s handrail can help transform the space with a new style or colour without breaking the bank.

  • Use some stair clad to revitalise worn treads

If your stairs and treads are showing signs of wear and damage, easily fit some oak clad over the top to bring a newer, fresher look without the cost of a full replacement.

Bringing your staircase back to life doesn’t have to cost a fortune

If money is no object then replacing your old staircase could be the best option.

But if you don’t fancy digging into the savings account or simply don’t have the funds for a full renovation, then these quick and easy design ideas can give your staircase a new lease on life.