How to Talk About Divorce to Your Children

Did you know that there are almost 800,000 divorces in the U.S. every year? This is a staggering statistic that points to a high number of overall broken families.

Are you thinking about getting a divorce attorney? The situation can become a lot more complicated when children are involved. Keep reading to learn how to talk about divorce to your children.

  1. Make a Plan

Kids and divorce are an unfortunate combination, but the situation can be handled if it’s done with care. Instead of just winging it, you should decide what you’re going to say ahead of time.

Blurting out the news with an angry tone over dinner, for instance, will hurt your children more. Rather, both parents should choose the time, place, and delivery of the news.

  1. Don’t Point Blame

The anger and other feelings that come with divorce may tempt either parent to point blame onto each other. Whatever you do, don’t talk about blame when explaining the situation to your kids.

In addition, kids themselves might feel at fault for the situation. That’s why it’s important to emphasize that they did nothing wrong. You should also explain that there’s nothing they could have done to prevent the divorce, which is another way they might feel at fault.

  1. Give Them a Reason

When dealing with divorce and kids, you shouldn’t point blame but you should tell them why it’s happening. That way, they can get some closure instead of thinking about all different types of reasons.

While you shouldn’t be overly specific with details, older kids might want to know more than younger kids. Talk with the other parent ahead of time to decide what specifics are too specific. For instance, are you comfortable with talking about and showing your older kids the divorce papers?

Just know that the nitty-gritty details of your relationship and the divorce mediation are not necessary when giving a general reason. Being clear and simple is what’s most important.

  1. Explain the Future

Aside from the reason for the divorce and the divorce itself, children will want to know what’s going to happen next. It’s a fact that their lives are going to change because of the divorce.

With this in mind, you should tell them what the living situation will be like, the nature of parental visits, and more. You don’t have to focus on just the differences, though. It can be comforting letting your children know what things will stay the same too.

Your children should be aware that, as painful as a divorce can be, it’s far from the end of the world. There can still be a bright future ahead.

Ready to Explain Divorce to Your Kids?

Now that you’ve learned how to talk about divorce to your children, you can make sure they understand what’s going on.

Talking about divorce is much better for everyone’s mental health instead of keeping feelings bottled up inside. You can learn more about mental and physical health tips by bookmarking our website.


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