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    Ideal Variance & RTP Slots Combination

    Slots Combination

    Slot variance and RTP are two quite commonly used phrases that you must have heard before during your time spinning online free slots with bonus. Whilst they are very frequently used, however, they can often be quite misunderstood. And here’s the thing: if you want to be successful at slot gambling you are going to need to know what RTP and variance mean. 

    Different types of gamblers will have their different ideal combination of variance and RTP, it’s something we’re going to take a look at in this article. Read on for more! 

    What is RTP in slots? 

    Okay, first and foremost before we get into anything relating to an ideal variance and RTP slots combination we are going to need to just recap what RTP is exactly in slots. The first thing to say here is that RTP stands for Return To Player, a term that is used to represent the odds of a win on any given slot game. 

    Unlike most other casino games, however, the odds of slot games are given as a percentage, which is where RTP comes in. Due to modern gambling laws devleopers are oblged to disclose the RTP of their slot games, something that has led to higher RTPs overall and happier gamblers. The average RTP nowadays is around 96%, which means gamblers can expect to get receive 96% back off of their overall wager on a session.

    What is variance in slots? 

    Right, that’s RTP out of the way, so now it’s time to get stuck into the concept of slot variance. This is a slightly more complex concept than Return To Player, however it is by no means particularly difficult to understand either. Basically, all slots sit somewhere on the volatility scale, with low variance slots being those that pay out winnings quite often but in small increments, and high variance slots being the opposite. 

    There is more too, because, as slot gambling experts will tell you, if you are playing low variance slots it is largely pointless to place high bets on, mainly because the return still won’t be as large. On the other hand, placing high bets on high variance slots is perfect because these gmaes are designed to reward huge bets with even larger payouts. As you might expect, high rollers love to play high variance slots, and low rollers are more comfortable with low variance slots.

    Some ideal variance and RTP slots combinations for different types of players 

    It is really important that you are playing the right slots for your type of gambling, and the best way to do this is by making sure you have the ideal variance and RTP slots combination. Here are a few examples: 

    Low rollers: For low rollers you will definitely want to be playing low variance slots, ideally with quite a high RTP rating. This will ensure that you keep those small wins trickling in despite the small bets.·         High rollers: For high rollers the No. 1 priority is slots with high volatility. One thing to remember here is that this might mean you have to take a slightly reduced RTP rating, however it won’t matter once you get some wins under your belt because they will be huge!

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