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     IPL Secrets You Would Love to Know

    IPL 2020 poster

    With IPL Fantasy League 2020 going to be held soon, cricket fans from all over the world are excited to be a part of the tournament. Ever since its start Indian Premier League has gained wide popularity worldwide. It is the only cricket league for which cricket enthusiasts wait eagerly. IPL is the platform where active Indian cricketers play alongside foreign cricketers from different teams. It is a stage that brings players from different countries together to exhibit their talent.

    While since past 13 years IPL has garnered attention on a large scale, there are few secret facts that only a handful of cricket fans know. What? Excited!

    Solet us get started….

    #1. Only two Indians have picked up the Most Valuable Player Award

    The IPL tournament was started with an aim to provide the much-needed boost to the Indian cricket. Nevertheless, the overseas players have been more eminent in the league. This is because apart from Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, none of the Indian players have been able to pick the Most Valuable Player award.

    #2. AB de Villiers and Kieron Pollard’s big hit with 100 matches

    From being a former player in Delhi Capitals to now being a star player in Royal Challengers Bangalore, AB de Villiers has reached his 100 match milestone. In addition to this, the all-rounder from Mumbai Indians has been there with his team for a long time. These two players are the only foreign cricketers who have played 100 matches from a single team.

    # 3. RCB is the only team to score more than 250 and less than 50 in one inning of IPL

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    Although RCB boasts some of the finest players from the world, it has never been able to lift the IPL trophy. But the team holds a unique record in IPL, RCB is the only team to score 250+ runs as well as below 50 runs in a single inning.

    #4. Piyush Chawla went 386 overs without bowling a no-ball

    No balls are common in matches but for Piyush Chawla, this is an exception. This Indian leg spinner set a remarkable record for not bowling a single no-ball until 386 over in IPL. That is why Piyush Chawla is the most expensive player for IPL 2020 season.

    #5. Star Sports paid 21 lakhs for ball coverage

    According to some sources, it is reported that the leading sports channel paid Rs 21 lakhs for airing one ball of IPL in the earlier two seasons. The channel bought the rights for Rs. 16347.5 crore.

    You might not be aware of these IPL secrets. I hope you enjoyed learning about these. Then, why wait for more. Join fantasy cricket at Gamezy and go ahead to set new records. With Gamezy playing fantasy cricket and winning money is easy than you think. Invest wisely, create your dream team, and challenge your companions to win the IPL league.

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