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    ITIL AND PRINCE2 certifications are in great demand

    ITIL AND PRINCE2 certification

    The fields of IT service management and project management have undergone a significant evolution in recent years. The digital age has redefined the modern ways of working and naturally, organizations are looking for specific technical qualifications in their IT service personnel.

    PRINCE2 certification and ITIL certifications are the two most respected and popular project and service management qualifications that you can have to give your career a boost. Whether you have to organize a conference or implement a new IT installation, both ITIL and PRINCE2 frameworks can be applied to nearly all projects. But if you are not sure which one to go for, a quick guide can help you compare the two and make a decision. So let’s get started!

    What is ITIL?

    Owned and certified by Axelos, ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a framework that offers a set of practices for IT service management. From demand to value, ITIL provides a comprehensive and end-to-end approach for managing IT services and products within an organization.

    Any organization where technology is involved in service delivery can adopt the ITIL framework. ITIL has evolved significantly in recent years with four of its latest versions releasing in 2019. Organizations looking to enhance the effectiveness of their IT services without compromising on the cost can bank on the ITIL framework. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that ITIL finds application in more than just simple IT-based projects.

    Key components of ITIL

    Service Value System (SVS) and Four Dimensions model are the two core components of ITIL. One of the crucial goals of most organizations is creating value through IT-enabled services. Service Value System represents how the different elements and activities of an organization work in collaboration to facilitate achieving the goal of value creation. SVS includes the following components:

    • ITIL guiding principles
    • ITIL service value chain
    • ITIL management practices
    • Governance, and
    • Continuous improvement

    The next ITIL component is the Four Dimensions model; it defines and outlines the four factors that the organization’s SVS should consider for a balanced and holistic approach. The components are:

    • People and organizations
    • Suppliers and partners
    • Information and technology and
    • Value streams and processes

    What are the ITIL certification courses?

    At present, ITIL has the following modules of certification courses:

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    • ITIL 4 Foundation Level
    • ITIL 4 Managing Professional
    • ITIL 4 Strategic Leader
    • ITIL Master Level


    • ITIL v3 Foundation Level
    • ITIL v3 Practitioner Level
    • ITIL v3 Intermediate Level
    • ITIL v3 Expert Level
    • ITIL v3 Master Level

    What is PRINCE2?

    Before discussing the details of PRINCE2 certification, you must know what PRINCE2 is all about. PRINCE2 is a structured method of project management that is designed for managing projects as well as improving performance where needed. The PRINCE2 framework focuses on process-based methodology and delivery of a comprehensive guideline on successful project delivery.

    Coming to its nomenclature, PRINCE stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments, and the ‘2’ refers to a revised version of 1996. There have been subsequent updates in 2009 and 2017 while retaining the brand name ‘PRINCE2’. Like ITIL, PRINCE2 is owned and certified by Axelos. The framework of PRINCE2 is pretty generic and can be applied to practically any industry’s project management.

    Key components of PRINCE2

    The methodology of PRINCE2 is a consolidation of the following elements:

    • Principles: These are a set of seven good practices and obligations that dictate whether the PRINCE2 methods are genuinely being used for managing a project.
    • Themes: The themes outline the seven facets of project management that must be continually addressed throughout the project management process.
    • Processes: Each of the seven processes is a checklist of suggested activities, products, and allied responsibilities.
    • Environment: This component of the PRINCE2 methodology provides exhaustive guidance on how an organization can customize PRINCE2 to suit their project management requirements and work culture.

    What are the PRINCE2 certification courses?

    At present, PRINCE2 certification courses include the following modules:

    • PRINCE2 Foundation
    • PRINCE2 Practitioner
    • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation
    • PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner


    ITIL and PRINCE2 may seem unrelated, but many organizations have successfully applied the two in tandem to support their IT and business goals. If a company wants to redefine its service management approach to be aligned with the digital landscape, both ITIL and PRINCE2 can support and add value to almost any kind of business goal. But the question remains – between ITIL and PRINCE2 certification, which one should you choose? You can have a look at their differences and choose the one that best suits your interest.

    • The ITIL framework is specific to the process of IT service management. In contrast, PRINCE2 is a generic process-based methodology for the effective management of projects in any industry.
    • The service management framework that ITIL provides deals with the maintenance and development of services offered currently. But the PRINCE2 methodology offers non-proprietorial guidance on the best practices of project management.
    • While ITIL focuses on long-term services, PRINCE2 deals with projects that have a short lifespan.
    • The approach of ITIL is aimed at maintenance and providing support to IT-specific situations. On the other hand, after the initial product has been designed and implemented, the PRINCE2 methodology does not give the support and development that an IT service manager would provide.
    • Once project delivery is done, ITIL takes over from PRINCE2 for support and maintenance of results. PRINCE2 will only focus on project management and project delivery within a defined scope, timeframe, and budget.
    • In terms of certification, ITIL is of process management and PRINCE2 certification is of project management.


    Whether it is a certification in ITIL or a PRINCE2 certification, both have tremendous potential for boosting your career. The two frameworks can be used either separately or in conjunction to ensure the smooth implementation of projects. When a business wants to implement ITIL across its organization, it practically becomes a ‘project’ whose management can be well handled by PRINCE2. An ITIL or PRINCE2 certification course qualifies professionals so that they can effectively integrate the skills and methodologies to help businesses.


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