Top 10 IT Service Management Tips for Start ups

You can take any of the examples of current successful business or company, you will find that it has been supported very nicely by information technology. Information technology or IT has become a key to any of the company’s success and so do the IT service management or ITIL V4

In this article, we have discussed 10 tips for IT service management start-ups. But before we dig into further information, let’s just have a quick look at what ITIL Certification in Bangalore which is recognized as startup hub of india! So, let’s get started without wasting much time.

About ITIL

ITIL or information technology service management is the key to implement, manage, and deliver IT services to meet the requirements of the organization. For simple and brief understanding we have broke ITIL into five areas as following:

  • Service: Services such as applications, infrastructure, hardware, etc. that have been provided by IT.
  • End-user: ITIL has made it easy to have IT services for the customer as well as the employees who use them.
  • Quality: Due to ITIL, the problem regarding IT has made it easy to solve efficiently.
  • Business: Supports the company to achieve its goals as well as its core functions.
  • Cost: Helps to get the most out of the budget of IT.

About ITIL benefits

Every organization is interrelated with IT service management in some ways. The benefits of ITIL are as followed:

  • Get higher returns on the investment of IT.
  • Get to know well-defined roles as well as responsibilities.
  • Lower costs for IT operation.
  • Get the team who has improved the help desk for IT.
  • Provides better transparency in IT processes as well as services.
  • Service outages are minimized.
  • Having effective ITIL Framework in the organization gives a positive effect on IT overall function management.

Hence, the above was information regarding ITILand its benefits. Hence, you have known enough about ITIL, so now let’s get started with the top 10 tips for ITIL start-ups.

  1. Understand what ITIL V4 is about and keep updating with its changes

Currently, according to the updates, ITIL has been come up with its newest as well as the strongest version that is ITIL 4. Moreover, take the example of any technology. It is not possible that any of the technology hasn’t been upgraded with its new features.

Hence, the organization has to keep upgrading or changing according to the technology updates. Nowadays, the majority of the organizations rely on technology and if one does not remain updated to that, then the scenario would be like, now or never. 

  1. One should have a high level of knowledge regarding management and self-service

This is the most essential skill that one must consist of if he/she wants a bright future in ITIL. These both areas, management, and self-service would directly influence your AI successes but focusing on just one of them would not make you succeed.

There are many institutes where the management, as well as self-service knowledge, has been offered. With the help of their tips and set of skills you can make a bright career in ITIL.

  1. Do invest in better change capabilities

Here, we aren’t discussing ITIL V3but the other best option is organizational change management or OCM. You need to understand that majority of the changes in technology, as well as business, is related to people’s changes.

According to ITIL practitioner guidance publication, the OCM has been described as an approach for managing the effect of people changes that are due to certain new business processes. It just a people side of change management.

It is just about understanding the changes and responding to it in various techniques that the products would attract the people’s eye on it.

  1. The new version of ITIL V4 must be appreciated

The technology for which everyone was seeking for is here asITIL has it all. It has been kept updating with the changes of world requirements. The new version of ITIL has potentially driven mind-blowing improvement-based activities.

This improvement has resulted in lots of small as well as potentially disparate changes and various changes in activities. Hence, appreciating this new updates of ITIL is just like better than nothing.

  1. Be ready to think and communicate in the business term, not according to the prospect of IT value

What if, you have all of the knowledge and entire skill set that ITIL looks for but you don’t know what to think in a particular situation or not have much of communicating skills! Would you able to achieve a bright career.

Obviously, no! Keeping your mind active in the worst scenario and expelling the idea to the team is the most important skill that ITIL Foundation must-have. Hence, don’t forget to get your best move with the help of these skills.

  1. ITIL improvement should be identified and prioritized via customers not just by IT conservation

Making the list of the things that need to be improved is the most essential thing in any of the businesses. But while making that list, one should be most careful that is that thing going to put a positive impact on business too. You may take the inside-look for improvement but taking the outside-look is also important.

  1. Customers, as well as employee’s appreciation

Never ignore the employee experience as it would put an adverse impact on your IT career in terms of success, ongoing relevance, and value. The end-users as mostly recognized as customers, they would be given proper appreciation so that they get motivated to choose your product.

  1. Prepare yourself for impending the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution

AI is going to affect any of the IT organization as well as ITIL activities. Moreover, in the upcoming years, there’s going to be more implementation of AI skill based capabilities in ITIL.

  1. Reconsider the step to get better acknowledged for managing as well as understanding customer’s perceptions regarding IT

If any queries are disturbing your customer comfort then you should be an expert to deal with that query and provide the customer with an accurate solution. If there’s nothing to get it done, go through each detail and find a solution to the customer’s query.

  1. Are you well enough to deal with your Dev colleagues!

As DevOps and ITIL are finally doing great together in any of the organizations, it just likes better to have two then one. Hence, you also have to develop the skills to deal with your Dev colleagues for having a bright future.

ITIL is a great field to make your career in the upcoming years. So, what are you waiting for? You got the tips and already have the skills to make it alright! Hence, the above was everything regarding the top 10 ITIL tips for a startup.