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ITV 7 tips and betting selections

ITV 7 tips and betting selections

ITV 7 is one of the most famous horse racing tips in competition available around, which is run by ITV racing and Sky Bet. In this competition, a player can enter for free, and they have the chance to share the staggering price part. But it is important to pick up the winners of the seven selected races that day to become eligible for the same.

If you are playing the ITV 7, it is important to get an idea about certain tips and betting selection rules so that the interface will appear to be friendlier to you. Here we will be going to disclose certain things related to it so that you will not face any trouble anymore.

How ITV7 works?

Understanding about the working of ITV7, it is important to understand about the seven races that will be going to take place on that day. These races are selected by Sky Bet and being on live on TV.

It is essential for all the players to pick up the winners of all the seventh selected races. But it is vital to choose the seven winners that will win the race. If the same has not happened, you will not be able to win it. Additionally, if the player is picking up all the seven winners of that day, then they will be going to take out the full price along. In case there is someone else as well, along with collaboration while picking up the winners, it will be shared in between.

How to enter ITV 7?

When it is about entering ITV7 players, just need to hit on the ENTER button available on the home page. On the next page, it will ask for certain details to perform sign up on the sky but account. In case you have no Sky Bet account available, don’t worry and register immediately for the same. Within few minutes, the count will get open and help you to browse through the game effortlessly.

After it, you just need to follow the racing every Saturday to check out who the winners are and whether they have won it or not.

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How will a player be able to figure out whether they have won the competition or not?

The best part about playing the ITV7 is that there is no need for a user to worry about victory. In case they have won the game, ITV7 will be going to contact the individual directly by email or phone number. Make sure when you are creating the account, you are mentioning the valid email address and mobile number. Along with that, verify your age, identity, and residence so that you can receive your prize. The price will be paid to the customer via bank transfer on the registered bank account.

ITV7 Jackpot:

Jackpot is the main prize there will be going to have their hands when they are becoming a part of it. Every year it comes up with a Jackpot prize, and this is the cash price of £50,000 per day. If a player is not able to win it on the first day, it will be rolled out to the second day. This means that at the end of the festival, there will be an asset available of £250,000. Anyone who won it will be able to claim it. Otherwise, the game will be going to have it on the final day. It is quite astonishing to know that you are not even paying a single penny for playing the game, and it will be quite beneficial for you. Just try your love to claim the prize and get the best opportunity.

Picking tips for ITV Lucky 7:

Whenever you are moving ahead to pick up a team, it is important to get an idea of whether they are experienced or not. The basic tips you must follow that understand which forces have the best chance to win. If you are able to figure it out, it will be quite easy for you to get the opportunity to have the best. But in case you have chosen someone who is not to among the best players, it might let you feel disappointed.

Additionally, there will be some card tips covering every single race that will be published during the major meetings so that players can get an idea about the best horses around. This helped them to make a choice more appropriately, and they will be able to make sure about their decision.


Here we have shared details related to playing the ITV7 and all the related aspects which make your experience commendable over the portal. We suggest you get an idea about each and every factor so that you will not miss anything and playing the game will be easy for you. Do not forget to go through terms and conditions to have an Ultimate experience.

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