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    MBA in Financial Management- Top 3 Colleges to consider

    MBA in Financial Management- Top 3 Colleges to consider

    When it comes to any corporate industry, money is the fuel and aspects of business involve transfer of money and capital, therefore making it extremely essential to gather not just extensive knowledge, but also practical aspects of finance. In businesses, typically there is a large amount of money involved which is very volatile and to jump from one sector to another and thus MBA in financial management becomes essential.

    MBA in financial management deals with the theory related to management and optimisation of investments and monetary resources involved in the working of a business. The course deals with and highlights the importance of management of financial resources and views it as an investment, also cultivating analytical and managerial skills to forecast economic trends. 

    Colleges like IBMR College, Hubli and the prestigious IIMs have a detailed and efficient course structure which is crafted to take the student on a journey towards a greater, in-depth understanding of managing the finances of a company

    Why an MBA in Financial Management?

    For someone who loves management of assets and money in general and is passionate for as well as good at management and mathematics, MBA in financial management might just be the thing! MBA brings out a salary hike and this course also makes sure that you hone your skills not only on paper, but also in practice. 

    Colleges like IBMR College, Hubli and XLRI equip you with ample hands-on experience to kickstart the exponential growth which shall follow. Knowledge of financial management opens up a lot of avenues for an aspirant. 

    From Investments to Entrepreneurship, here are some of the career paths you can choose after graduating with the degree:

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    – Relationship Manager

    Financial Analyst 

    – Account Manager

    – Bank Manager

    – Equity Research Analyst

    – Research Analyst

    – Investment Banker

    These career paths are high in demand and promise a great career curve. Management as a skill in general is not just extensive theory and ideas but mostly practical application. MBA in financial management especially follows the approach to chisel out the necessary tools. Rayat Bahra University and IBMR College, Hubli provide that margin for growth through learning from experience derived from the texts. 

    Eventually it comes down to how you apply what you learn and it is especially true for management courses. Some of the key skills which one can develop are:

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    – Analytical thinking

    – Accounting skills

    – Business intelligence 

    – Communication

    – Commercial acumen

    It becomes important to step the first foot in the right direction and a good college carries you all the way. From theory and ideas to getting placed in a good company, a good B-school is the head start you need for your career.  With a number of factors to assess on and hundreds of options on the list, it becomes pivotal to do a thorough analysis before making a decision. The top 3 colleges for MBA in financial management are:

    1. NARSEE MONJEE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, MUMBAI– Located in the financial capital of the country, NMIMS is one of the most prestigious colleges in India. Ranked 4th for Private MBA by Outlook 2020, the college is known for its highly detailed and specialised course structure, covering all aspects like corporate finance, insurance and risk management. The institute conducts its own screening test- the NMAT and creams out the best talent, only to hone their skills and create future professional leaders of the industry.

    2. SP JAIN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH, MUMBAI- The institution provides one of the best classroom experiences for its students. The emphasis on experiential learning through hands-on implementation of key concepts creates a space where talent nurtures into creativity. Their course structure is one of the best as it is constantly upgraded to match the market needs. MBA in financial management is their forte with companies like Goldman Sachs, BCG and RBS visiting for campus placements.

    3. IBMR College, Hubli-  With one of the best faculties and infrastructure, IBMR College, Hubli is one of the best colleges for PGDM and MBA in financial management. The faculty is world class and imparts knowledge which stretches beyond the conventional classroom, more so cultivating an interactive environment for the students, which is reflected in their placement records.  It also introduces students to global finance seminars, expanding their horizons and promoting independent thought. 

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    There is always demand for finance management professionals as every organisation’s foundation lies in money and investment to grow their business and foster profitability. Colleges like IBMR College, Hubli and XISS, Ranchi are prime centres to kindle key financial skills various MNCs are looking for!


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