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    Need To Quickly Edit PDF? Here Are 4 Online PDF Converters To Use

    Online PDF Converters

    One of the many things that the Internet has afforded us is the ability to do office work wherever we are in the world. With smartphones being the major part of our lives, it’s obvious that we can all work remotely if given the right framework.  There are tons of reasons you should switch to online PDF conversion, but it is none more prominent than accessibility. You need not have a powerful computer to do it, and you won’t have to worry about security and confidentiality.

    To get the most out of these online converter tools, you just have to have a working connection! If you are working from home, or a student doing online classes, here are the best PDF converters you can use for online use.

    PDFBear Converter

    Probably one of the most useful of the PDF converters listed here, PDFBear has an array of applications other than converters for easier PDF edits. You can split PDFs, encrypt it, even password protect confidential ones with PDFBear’s application. The site is lightweight and encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes when you upload a batch of files and documents.

    On the conversion front, your options are many and wide-ranging as well – PDF to Word and other MS Office based file formats, JPG to PDF, even PNG to PDF. The process for conversion is easy as well – there is virtually no learning curve to go through – once you upload the document, you only press the convert button and wait for the resulting document to be downloaded.

    Small PDF Converter

    Small PDF converter has had the reputation of being one of the best options there is for PDF edits. And that’s backed up by their incredible individualized applications. The experience in this site is second to none, and there is obvious ease in terms of usage in whatever PDF application you may use.

    The PDF converters are great, although not as good as some top of the line standalone, third-party software. Provided though that with Small PDF’s browser-based, you can’t expect it to compete. There is still a 14-day free trial on the site, and if you work with PDFs all day, you can opt to get the plan. Although for casual users, the free option to convert every now and then should do.

    Gorilla PDF

    If you want a feature-rich set of PDF converters that is web-based, look no further than the applications by Gorilla PDF. Like the other sites listed here, Gorilla PDF also has a set of individual applications intended to do a specific operation – let’s say, for example, a PDF to Excel conversion or password protection on a file that needed only to be seen by a specific person.

    One of the best features of the Gorilla Bear’s is that the converter applications are free to use, and you can do batch conversion. This means that when you have several files to convert, you won’t need to do the process over and over again until you finish the very last one. With the batch convert function, you can easily upload a batch of files for just one conversion operation.

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    Online 2PDF Converter

    What sets Online 2PDF Converter apart is that it doesn’t have specialized converters for individual conversions. It has a powerful all-in-one converter you can use for any common conversion type like Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, and Excel to PDF. The conversion process is simple to follow and upload, decide on the format you want the resulting file to have, and then wait a few seconds for the online converter to do its job.


    Making the most out of this extended time of staying home can be fun and productive! With these online converter tools, you can easily do that and more! It won’t take you much time to easily convert your files and since their user interfaces are easily navigable, you won’t have a hard time with using them. These tools won’t just make your life more convenient, it will also elevate your skills, so when the time comes that we can all go to normal offices and workplaces, you already have the know-how on quickly sorting out PDF conversions.

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