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    New Cars For Families: Why a Crossover Is Ideal

    New Cars For Families: Why a Crossover Is Ideal

    The latest statistics show us that there has been a rapid decline in the sale of compact cars in the USA, with only around half a million units sold in 2020 as opposed to the 820,000 expected, based on the previous year. In contrast, the demand for larger vehicles in the popular SUV and crossover segments has increased dramatically, with many automakers completely discontinuing their smaller nameplates like the Ford Fiesta in order to focus on the burgeoning sport utility classification.

    The reason for the shift is not as simple as ‘bigger is always better.’ These highly practical configurations offer numerous benefits over a sedan or coupe, so it’s no surprise that savvy shoppers have become addicted to the superior value for money offered by such models as the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Santa Fe, or the USA-built Ford Escape. But what, exactly, is it that makes these automobiles so sought after?

    2021 Cadillac Escalade 096 1

    Space for everything and the kitchen sink

    Though larger than a traditional three-box automobile, not all SUVs are behemoths – there are compact variations too. Still, the general idea is that these vehicles offer better cargo space and more room for passengers inside, thanks to their size and height. Multiple configurations are available, too, from the run-of-the-mill five seater through to three-row models that can accommodate up to seven or eight. One downside of this is that the back seat is often slightly cramped, though it is usually enough for you children or even the occasional late-blooming teen.

    Thanks to generally larger wheelbases and taller measurements for height and width, extra space is not just reserved for people – cargo capacity in these types of vehicles is usually excellent, too. With the option of tumbling the seats down, you could easily fit all your luggage and gear for a weekend camping trip in most examples, assuming they are properly outfitted for venturing off the beaten path.

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    More than just a pretty face

    Aside from the contemporary good looks these haulers are known for, there’s also the added benefit of versatility and capability that comes with added ride height and unique underpinnings. Many of these motor cars have been specifically purposed to brave the outdoors, with all-wheel drivetrains being quite common throughout the segment. However, this is not always meant to accommodate off-roading so much as improving grip on slippery roads in areas prone to poor weather. Occasionally, a model will come along with genuine 4×4 capabilities to really tackle the great unknown.

    Most contenders in this segment also come with strong engines under the hood that allow for decent towing capacity so you can take the boat, jet ski, or camper along wherever you go. And, if all of this is still not enough, for those who have adrenalin in their veins, there are performance-oriented versions that are quicker off the line than they have any reason to be, ensuring you can drop the kids at school and then do some amateur drag racing on the way home.


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    Another benefit of crossovers is the unique handling and driving characteristics they bring to the table. Often still very sedan-like in performance and driving style, they can be fun cars to pilot, too. And, unless you spec your crossover or SUV with the most rorty power plant, the trade-off in fuel economy isn’t half bad either. Gas mileage results are usually still within a reasonable range in comparison to what sedans offer. And, if this still isn’t sufficient, a majority of the most popular utes on the market today are available with hybrid powertrains, too. 

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    Safe as houses

    As manufacturers strive to outdo one another in the race to win over the most hearts, these in-demand vehicles often get first dibs on the best tech and latest safety features designed to protect occupants and ensure they arrive safely at their destination. Together with sturdy construction and hulking proportions, long lists of safety features and driver aids are usually equipped as standard. While rearview cameras are a requirement, most of these cruisers now come stock-fitted with any combination of the blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, collision mitigation, parking sensors, and pedestrian detection, to name but a few. 

    2021 bmw x4 infotainment system carbuzz 455759 1 1

    There are worse places to be…

    With the aim of providing a plush and comfortable cabin, crossovers and SUVs today are usually flush with convenience features and various bits and bobs designed to make your journey more enjoyable. Heated and ventilated seats, automatic climate control, and massaging perches dressed in leather – these are just some of the items commonly found on upper-tier models. When you want to ferry your loved ones around in style and comfort, there are not many better options.



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