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NFL Betting Guide

NFL Betting

The National Football League season is beginning to wind down, but it’s also the most critical time of the year for NFL betting. You need to look at many things for NFL betting, like NFL stats, to win big. The NFL is a bettors best friend every weekend in the fall. However, you must stay under control and trust the betting process.

If you are interested in winning in the NFL, continue reading. This will be a quick guide to help you understand NFL betting!

The Bets

When betting on the NFL, you should utilize tons of different betting markets. There are three traditional wagers along with a slew of prop bets. Most NFL bettors stick with the traditional bets like the money line, spread, and total.

The money line is when you bet a team to win a game straight up. The only thing that matters is the final score at the end of the contest. Positive odds indicate an underdog, and negative odds show a team is favored to win.

The lower the odds, the more likely a team wins a game. The higher the odds, the less likely a team is to win. The next bet is the spread, which is also referred to as the great equalizer.

The spread is when you have to bet on a certain team’s points concerning the final score. For example, the Patriots are playing the Cowboys. Dallas is -6.5 in the game, meaning they are favored by that number. This would also mean the Patriots are +6.5, so they are underdogs.

If you wager the Patriots, they must be within that number or win the game for your bet to hit. If you take Dallas, they must win by seven for the bet to prevail.

The final bet is the total, and this is when you bet on the two teams’ combined score. You must choose if the teams will go over or under the allotted amount.

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Outside of the traditional wagers are prop bets. Sportsbooks have a wide range of props that you can bet on outside of the money line, spread, and totals. The most common props involved the players, and this is when you bet on stats.

You can bet on player touchdowns, receiving numbers, rushing totals, and even tackles. This all varied by the sportsbook. There is a lot of value when it comes to props, so the best thing to do is look through the numbers and find the best bets.


If you want to bet on the NFL, knowing the individual markets is important. However, you also need to know the things you should look at while preparing your picks. You will likely lose if you do not prepare before placing a wager. Sports betting is hard, but you can limit your errors by preparing.

There are a few common NFL stats you should view before betting. The first thing to look at is a team’s record. However, this can be very misconstruing. For example, the Dallas Cowboys were 12-5 in the 2021 regular season.

Nevertheless, they were just 6-5 outside of the NFC East. The NFC East is one of the worst divisions in football, so the Cowboys were an average team. This contributed to their early exit from the playoffs against the 49ers.

If you did not dive deep into the stats, you would have had difficulty betting against the Cowboys. Although, their true record revealed that the team is average and beatable in the playoffs.

The more research you can do, the more wagers you will win. Advanced stats are always best for winning in the NFL. Another great resource is common opponents and how a team has played in their recent matchups.

Momentum is critical for NFL betting, and it must be gauged before placing a wager. You have a much better chance of winning wagers if you take these tips.

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