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Online brokerages during pandemics

Online brokerages during pandemics

The pandemic turned out to be a “perfect storm” for increased transactions carried out by self-directed small investors. While a bull market has been a factor in increasing investor participation, the increased market volatility has stimulated the practice of individual trading.

A series of factors, taken together, to some extent encourage small investors to take an interest in more speculative practices, in particular day trading. The factors are:

  • lockdown measures that have held back consumer spending and given investors more time to engage in independent investing;
  • fiscal stimulus measures that increased disposable income, associated with low rates that support the search for yield;
  • and the prolonged bull market.

As a result, in 2020, the number of new discount brokerage accounts increased from the previous year.

The increase in the number of stand-alone investors has resulted in a sharp rise in Forex market volatility, potentially threatening brokerage firms due to the increase in specific trading requirements, guarantees, and capital, for example.

Interest rates have significantly fallen during recent years, and especially in 2020. Pandemics put on hold lifestyle spending such as holidays. Many people saw the attractiveness of online trading as a way to boost their financial situation. 

The quality of online brokers becomes more significant 

During lockdowns, among many other activities, people started getting interested in trading, and therefore we could witness many newbies enter the trading scene. 

As individual daily trading overwhelmed the market during pandemics, the retail online brokerage business’s quality became more important. Increased volatility of the financial market set up new opportunities for individual online daily traders. In such conditions, online trading platforms cannot play with their client’s patience and allow the downturns of their trading systems. With the daily training volumes on the rise, maintaining the impeccable system working becomes even more challenging.

Moreover, since many traders venture into the market with insufficient knowledge, online brokerage companies have to take care of the new client’s trading education. It is also the primary concern of anyone embarking on the trading boat. Forex broker who offers excellent educational resources and free demo trading has to be the forefront criterion of new traders. Also, one of the essential factors when it comes to starting trading online is customer support. It must be available, highly efficient, and available in a client’s native language. 

Knowledgeable, informed clients with the risk management tools at their disposal can ultimately benefit the brokerage business. If traders have all they need to succeed, they turn into long-term traders creating win-win situations. Therefore, the importance of trading experience becomes even more crucial. Regulated Forex brokerage companies’ interest is a long partnership and positive feedback from their customers.

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In conclusion

Given the current pandemic situation, it’s difficult to precisely predict the global economy’s climate. Indeed, the challenges will remain similar in 2021. However, the volatility represents the attractive market condition for those who want to start or continue trading and investing. Consequently, it means an optimal business climate for Forex brokers who continuously develop a more sophisticated, secured, and user-friendly trading environment to make available the industry to new traders alongside the seasoned investors.


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