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    Online Mugshot Lookup: How to Find Mugshots Online

    Online Mugshot Lookup How To Find Mugshots Online

    Arrest records provide vital information about people; they contain data about people’s criminal past and allow you to discover what lies in people’s past. Many people use it for finding information about individuals in online dating websites and apps, about potential business partners, and others. Nowadays, you can perform an online mugshot lookup, and find mugshots within minutes. Here is how to do it.

    Mugshot search: the traditional way

    Mugshot search the traditional way

    When someone is arrested, they are moved to a booking facility. The law enforcement agency that made the arrest will then begin to record the details of the crimes and the alleged criminal. The agency will document and file valuable details about the crime, such as:

    • The place of the arrest
    • The reason for the arrest
    • The name of the alleged criminal
    • The residence and contact data of the alleged criminal

    The photographs of the alleged criminal: these are the mugshots. They are taken against a neutral background; mugshots depict the height of the alleged criminal and are taken from several sides. The mugshots allow law enforcement agencies to keep a photographic depiction of individuals who have been arrested.

    To find mugshots offline, you will need to contact the authority that made the arrest. You can also request access to mugshots in the local sheriff’s office, or at the country clerk’s office. To get such access, you will be required to provide proof of identification. You will also need to pay a search fee. To process your request, you will need to fill out the proper forms. Then, you will need to wait for your request to be processed, which can be several days/weeks.

    Instead of going to an authority that maintains criminal records, you can also file requests online – via mail or on the official website of the authority. You can also send a request via US post.

    Online mugshot lookup: finding criminal records online

    Online mugshot lookup finding criminal records online

    An offline mugshot lookup can take a long time. You have the option for an online mugshot lookup with a public records directory, like GoLookUp. Most states in the country provide access to criminal records, as they are public records in the United States. Not all criminal records are accessible, but most of them are, so you can perform an online mugshot lookup.

    To perform the search here is what you need to do: go to the mugshot lookup page on GoLookUp. Type in the first name, last name, and the state where the person in question is currently residing.

    That is it; the directory will begin to perform a mugshot lookup. How does it work? The website has direct access to public records in the entire country. The advanced directory aggregates data from the records, and it does so within minutes.

    When the search is complete, you will receive an online report that you can download to your computer. The searches are unlimited, so you can perform as many queries as you want. Also, the searches are discrete, so no one will know that you performed the search.

    You can view mugshots of people, and discover more about people. In some cases, your search will come up empty. This could be because the person in question does not have a criminal record. It is also possible that you have misspelled their name. In either case, you can use other directories on GoLookUp to perform a mugshot lookup:

    • Reverse phone search
    • Reverse email search
    • Reverse address search

    To sum it up

    Access to public records provides important data about people. You can choose between an offline search or an online mugshot lookup. Both queries will give you answers to questions that you have, and reveal vital information about people.

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