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    Organize Your Image Library: How To Convert JPG to PDF?

    jpg to pdf

    Photos play a significant role in our life. We use images to capture and preserve memories so that in sooner times, we can go back to it and even relive it. Through photos, we remember experiences, places, people, and even feelings. Hence, it is not a shocker to see people with a collection of photographs, a gallery of thousands of pictures, or an album. 

    Technology can also help you preserve your memories through photos. The problem is that if you are not using the right software, you will end up consuming too much time organizing your image library. But thanks to the web-based converter, GogoPDF, you can now do this in seconds! 

    How do we make an image library? 

    Making an image library can be a hassle, even when you are using the computer. Most of the time, here is how people do it: They paste the desired pictures in a word file, apply necessary adjustments like increasing or decreasing its sizes, or even rotating or flipping it. This process, while it achieves the intended outcome, can be easily done by a JPG to PDF converter. 

    As said, there are software and platforms online that perform this job. All you have to do is to search for a platform that does jpg to pdf conversion. There are a lot online, but one of the best that we will suggest is the platform called GogoPDF.  

    Why is GogoPDF a good platform for conversion? 

    GogoPDF makes sure that its users get a hassle-free experience. For this reason, the whole website is designed for easy navigation. You will not do much. You only have to choose the photos you want to convert into PDF then wait for the website to convert it. After a few seconds, you will have access to your files! 

    If you are worried that some of the photos you wished to convert to PDF are not in JPG format, like GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, the website can also convert it effortlessly. The website creators understand that images can come in different formats, and it is a hassle to convert it to JPG just for it to be converted to PDF yet again. 

    The platform values the customer’s rights to privacy. Some may not be comfortable uploading their photos online, considering that sites can use it without authorization. However, the platform ensures that the images will remain protected from the access of anyone. It will also be automatically deleted from the server after an hour. 

    Software installation is not just time-consuming. It is also memory and space consuming. However, GogoPDF will be processing the JPG to PDF conversion 100% online. It will not use any capacity from your CPU since everything will happen in the cloud. There will also be no file size limit, no watermark, and no online registration. 

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    If you have a hard time running platforms on your devices because it does not seem compatible, you will not experience it with GogoPDF. GogoPDF is also compatible with major operating systems and web browsers, like Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also access it on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. 

    How to convert JPG to PDF?

    “Hassle-free” is the commonly used word in this article; it is because it is the branding of the platform. In just a few clicks, you will already have your photo album. The first thing that you have to do is to choose photos from your device. You can also drag your desired image to the conversion box, easily identifiable in the platform. 

    Once you have already chosen your photo or dragged it in the conversion box, you may select an output format in the available options. You can choose the margin and orientation of your image as well. Then, click the button to begin the transformation. For the third step, you only have to wait for the process to be completed.

    You are almost done with the process. After a short while of waiting, GogoPDF will generate the final output. There are many options to do with the finished product. You can download it for your copy, you can also email it to your professor or friends who need a copy as well, and you can also share it to your social media accounts. 


    Computers and their features have the primary goal to ease up our work. However, it can become counterintuitive to the goal if one does not know the appropriate platforms and software to carry out a particular job. For example, a photo album can be a lot of work, but if you have software to do it for you, just like Gogopdf, the hassle is not an option. 

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