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PDFBear Tool: A Helpful Guide to Easily Convert PDF Files to Other File Formats

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August 25, 2020
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PDF is a universal format used for any electronic documents. Many people download pdf files on their smartphones because it’s a file format that doesn’t consume much storage of your device. Hence, it’ll surely give you so much convenience in accessing a file that you need from your cellphone’s storage.

However, if you need a particular file format, and you can’t find it on your computer, you better need a file conversion tool. It’s a tool used to convert your existing files to other file formats that you need for a particular task. Hence, the PDFBear conversion tool is successfully made available online by expert developers to respond to your needs for your electronic files.

The PDFBear is a website that offers you access to their online conversion tool. You only need to have a stable internet connection, and your device can access a safe web browser. Then, you’ll surely have access to the PDFBear conversion tool to have all your files to be converted quickly. Read the details below about the conversion tool and see what else PDFBear can do to your electronic files.

PDF to Word

When you have tons of pdf files in your device you use every day, you might have experienced trouble if you want to apply some revisions on your existing pdf documents. Hence, you better convert your pdf file to Word format to make some changes to it. It only needs a few clicks, and it instantly converts your pdf files.

When you process conversion from pdf to word, click Select Files on the PDFBear website to upload your electronic pdf files. Then, the tool will quickly scan your pdf document and will start the conversion process. Once it’s successful, you only need to click the button three times to download the converted copies on your computer or smartphone.

PDF to Excel

Besides converting to Word, you can also easily convert your existing pdf files to excel spreadsheet format. Businesses and other industries are utilizing spreadsheet files to generate business-related documents, such as inventories, orders, and other accounting processes and procedures.

You might have copies of the company accounting records for the first quarter of the year, and you want to make updates of the data, you better need to convert your pdf to excel spreadsheet format. By doing so, you can apply changes and updates of the information on the electronic spreadsheet.

You only need to upload your pdf files on the PDFBear online conversion tool. Then, the system will process the conversion, which will only take a few seconds. After that, your spreadsheet will be available for download so you can start updating the data on the electronic sheet. When the conversion is complete, the PDFBear system will delete your uploaded files after approximately one hour for security purposes.

PDF to PowerPoint

Another file format that you usually need is PowerPoint. If it’s in a pdf format, you’ll have the convenience of accessing it to any device you prefer to use. PowerPoint will allow you to create different slides and show them in a simultaneous presentation. It integrates different elements, such as texts, graphics, images, photos, and other essential document elements.

However, when you need to update the information on the PowerPoint presentation in a pdf format, it’ll be a problem if you have to retype everything on a blank PowerPoint file. Hence, PDFBear will give you access to their pdf to ppt conversion tool online.

Like other PDFBear tools, the conversion is a simple process that will only take a few seconds to make it done. When you’ve successfully converted pdf to ppt, you can apply all the changes you want. Then, you can convert ppt back to pdf again.


File conversion is part of file management that you need to do regularly. You might find that task a little difficult, especially if you’re a busy person. Hence, PDFBear is an expert in helping anyone who struggles to manage electronic files, including any file conversion. Remember the things discussed above, which are only a few things that PDFBear can do to your electronic files that will surely make your job easy and make all of your paperwork done most conveniently.



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