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Personal vs Accident Injury Claim: What’s the Difference?

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October 30, 2020
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When filing any type of claim, it can get confusing. Some things may seem similar but be different when it comes to filing a claim. An accident injury claim will be different from a personal claim.

Knowing how to proceed after an injury is important. Many people go through life not knowing because we all think it will never happen to us. Other people have that bad luck but we all hope we will be the fortunate ones until it does happen to us.

Getting ahead of things is a good idea. Knowledge is power in every case and an accident injury claim is no exception.

Accident Injury Claim

When filing a claim, it is important to know that personal injury refers to the physical injury you sustain to your body or mental injury from an accident. It is most recognized in car accidents but it happens in medical malpractice cases, too.

A personal injury claim means you have been the victim of wrongdoing. An accident injury claim happens after an unplanned event. This regards to car accidents or work accidents.

We hear the phrase “accidents happen” in life many times. This is true but sometimes the accident is someone’s fault and that is where personal injury comes into play. This means someone else has been negligent and it has affected you in a personal way whether physical or mental and you have been injured.

It Gets Confusing

If this seems confusing, it is. Accident injuries often get considered as haphazard unplanned events that happen to us all. Many people work in dangerous jobs and we take chances every day when getting into our cars.

Personal injury means someone was negligent and it was no fault of ours that something bad happened to us. This falls under civil law.

Under this, you can file a lawsuit for personal damages that have happened as a result of the injury you have sustained. This is a direct result of the accident you have been involved in.

Accident injury compensation could be substantial but it all depends on the type of accident and the damages that were involved. A lawyer will know how to proceed and how much money may be involved.

What to Do

If you need to know how to claim injury after a car accident, the first thing is to file a police report. The next thing to do is call an attorney. A good lawyer will walk you through every step of the process.

You may decide to file a lawsuit. Some insurance companies don’t play nice so you need protection. When it comes to an accident injury claim, you may need help.

Do not be quick to say you have no injuries. At first, your adrenaline may be pumping so hard and fast that you do not feel pain. It may come later so do not tell the officers or medical professionals that you have no injuries too soon.

Take notes if you can. Remember to talk to your lawyer about any questions you have and stay calm. You will get through this. Follow us for more tips!


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