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Pest Control Tips Before Buying A Home 

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July 08, 2020
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Buying a house is usually exciting but tedious at the same time because of the many inspections you have to do. One of the things that you need to be on the lookout for are pests, especially if the house you are looking to buy is not new. Pests are a menace to all homeowners, and if you are not cautious before buying, your new house will only remain a house but not a home for you and your loved ones. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and this is the best time to put it into practice. Instead of buying and going on defense against these pests, take the necessary precautionary measures before purchasing the home. Common house pests such as mice, bedbugs, rats, and ants are a menace to any home both inside and outside, but the good thing is that there are ways to control them. Here are ideal pest control tips before buying a home.

Seal potential entry points

Pests are very sneaky and create their entry points besides the cracks and crevices on the wall and ceiling. While inspecting the house you intend to buy, it is wise that you go identifying these entry points and note them down. Ensure that the seller is there with you so that you can locate these cracks and wall openings together. Instruct the seller to ensure that all these entry points are sealed with durable and robust material that will not pose any health issues to you and your loved ones. Besides sealing the broken window frames, holes on ventilation, cracked pipes, ceiling, and walls, ensure that door sweeps are installed on every door that gives access to the house to reduce or completely get rid of entry points into the home.


Even the cleanest house can suffer pest infestation, but cleaning for sure is a perfect control measure. Pests are attracted to untidy spaces as they are rich sources of food. A garage full of clutter or a house that has not been cleaned for days or weeks easily attracts pests, and since you are looking to make your potential new home as comfortable as possible, it is only wise to ensure that it is spic and span before you buy. There is a lot of litter left behind during renovation or construction, which could quickly bring about a pest infestation. Before you buy a home, it is vital to ensure that it is clean as a new pin. Have the seller clean the house thoroughly after sealing all potential entry points.


Fumigation is probably the best way to control rodents and bugs in any household. Technological advancements have allowed for the innovation of fumigation chemicals that are very lethal on pests. As part of the renovations and house preparation process before selling, ensure that the seller fumigates the property through a renowned pest controller such as Excel Pest Control. If possible, you should be onsite during the fumigation to ensure that all hideouts and potential nesting areas are deloused with a chemical that will not affect you are your family.

Get rid of moisture

Moisture attracts small pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and cockroaches. If you are looking to buy a home that was previously inhabited, it is crucial to ensure that there is no moisture or dampness in the house. The best and only way to go about this is to make sure that any leaky pipes, faucets, and conduits are replaced rather than repairing before you buy a home. Around the house, ensure that there are no blocked drainages or ditches where water could collect. Also, ensure that there are gutters installed to drain rainwater from the roof to a water storage unit.

Pests will never let your new house to become a home for you and your loved one, which is why you must take all necessary precautions before you buy a home and control the pests.