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Post Covid Travel To India: Expectation Vs Reality

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September 03, 2021
Post Covid Travel To India: Expectation Vs Reality

It has been embedded in our minds for the last two and half years that because of Covid situation we are bound to stay at home. This might be true for some but not for true travellers. As they are still on the hike and exploring the world. All it takes is to observe the precautionary measures and a budget with your luggage. Yes indeed, that is it. Many states like India are open for visitors now and you may take an indigo flight to land there and appreciate the beauty of land. India is no doubt incredibly diverse and beautiful. 

Travelling Myth vs. Reality

There are many myths that have been created by people which we are going to burst today. First myth is regarding the travel restrictions to ancient sites. Reality is a bit different because it is typically allowed now but people in groups may have to face hindrance. As for solo travellers, it’s not an issue. You can travel anywhere excluding the rush and crowded areas. Here is a tip for solo travellers not to move in deep remote areas since it’s not safe for any foreign visitor. 

Food Myth vs. Reality

Many people think that food these days may charge them a lot. Since people are becoming jobless and the economy of states are continuously hitting the trade. So it’s normal to expect the charges of edible products will increase. However in reality, it may be true to some extent but there are other alternatives as well. If you feel the food is beyond your budget you can look for home cooks, this is relatively new but many people are doing this and it has become quite common. You ask home cooks to cook for you within your budget and as per you taste. 

Site Visit Myth vs. Reality

  • Delhi 

Delhi is the capital of India and a very mesmerizing place to visit. Though it is expected to be visited by travellers. Which is not the case all the time. Many people are diverted to other cities to start their journey. Which is quite a great move and a tip for new travellers to not go to places where they assume they have a crowd of other visiters.

  • Temples and shrines

Temples and shrines are the most visited places in India. And through the year people from different religions have the religious sites be decorated and offer their prayer and even celebrate like dancing or playing music. These kinds of activities are quite common and mesmerizing for many people who are visiting India for the first time. But as for now, the situation is a bit different and travellers have to be aware of it. They should not attend any of it and try to avoid taking part in these activities. You can actually visit those sites when there is no event or celebration. Which means there’s no crowd. 

Safety – Pocket Picking

People assume that because of Covid situation, these kinds of activities are taking place. Though pocket picking and robbery is indeed an issue. So for the safer side it is recommended not to bring too much cash when you are travelling and instead you can use atm cards. However, it can save you from many things and you can explore the country worryless. One of the other tips I want to add here is to stay aware of your surroundings and people you are dealing with. Plus try not to travel by bus or train and use a separate conveyance. 


For accommodation there are many options for travellers to avail. Including paying guests and renting an apartment or staying in a resort or 5 star hotels. Either way you will have a comfortable stay but charges will vary for each of them. Definitely, a luxurious 5-star will be expensive and a comfortable stay can be availed by booking a resort or renting an apartment. So there is no expectation since you will have the idea of the accommodation by looking at the charges per night for it. 

Important note for Travelers

Before you start your journey here is one of the most important notes. Travelers try to make sure that they are fully vaccinated before traveling to India. Wearing their masks and using sanitizers whenever they have to meet others. Make sure not to stay in the crowd and avoid any physical contact like Hugging and shaking hands with anyone.