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Preparing for a Great Job Interview: Advice From University of Phoenix

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June 07, 2021
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It’s not hard to guess why job interviews are feared by 92% of Americans: this is where the rubber meets the road. Whether you’re a recent college graduate hoping that years of study are about to pay off or a workforce regular trying to climb a career ladder, job interviews are an essential part of professional life. But they do not need to be dreaded: everything you need to be prepared is within your reach.  

You Aren’t the Only One Being Interviewed

If an upcoming job interview is keeping you up at night, just remember that you are not the only one in the hot seat. If a company is hiring, it’s because they need people just like you. If you were invited to interview, then a hiring manager decided that you have the credentials to be considered.

This is a two-way interview: you want to be considered as an employee, and they would like to be considered as an employer. The company knows that there are other places hiring for the same job. Hold your head high, and remember that a job interview is not about defending your value as a potential employee. Instead, it’s about finding a work environment that suits you and an employer that appreciates what you bring to the table.

Fight Nerves by Being Prepared

While you don’t need to stay up all night cramming information to get an edge in the interview, you should spend some time preparing. A good place to start is researching the company. Look into its most recent achievements, and use online resources to see what employees think about working there. You should also read about the company’s history and its mission statement.

Next, it’s time to get an outfit ready. Make sure you have professional clothes that are clean and fit well. If you’re doing a virtual interview, make sure your technology is set up well ahead of time. Run a test video call on your conferencing software to make sure that your camera and microphone are working and that you are in an environment that does not have distracting noises or visuals. Of course, for an in-person interview, get directions well ahead of time and make sure you know exactly where you need to be.

Finally, prepare some questions for the interviewer. Remember how this is a two-way street? This is your chance to determine if this is a business that you’d like to team up with and spend your time working for. Important questions could include job responsibilities, company culture and room for growth.

Tips for Introverts and Extroverts

Depending on your personality type, you will have very different experiences and expectations in a job interview. People who are introverted tend to be uncomfortable with self-promotion, small talk or being put on the spot – all common components of an interview. Extroverts, on the other hand, tend to dominate conversations and talk more than listen – which may not be a boon in an interview setting.

But each personality type has its strengths, too. It’s important to assess where you fit and lean into those positive traits. For example, introverts are great listeners and tend to be prepared, aware of what they want and tuned in to what other people want. These are impressive qualities that can give you an edge in an interview and in the office.

Extroverts tend to be go-getters who are not afraid to let their personalities shine through. These individuals are energized by small talk and meeting new people, and they tend to feel better about discussing their achievements. These traits could impress an interviewer and help you become fast friends with a new team.

If you have these strengths, don’t be afraid to wear them on your sleeve. But also be aware of potential weaknesses within these personality types. If you’re introverted, make sure not to get caught up worrying about how the other person is appraising you and just be yourself. For extroverts, temper your charisma and energy, since too much might give an interviewer pause.

Short on Time

These tips are well and good if you have days before an interview, but what if your interview is just a few hours away? Don’t worry. You just need to prioritize tasks. Start with finding a detailed description about the position and what it entails at this company. Next, do some basic research on the company to figure out who they are and what products or services they offer.

Make sure you know where the interview is taking place and exactly how long it will take to get there. If it’s a virtual interview, double check your equipment and software.

Finally, rehearse the interview with yourself or a friend. What qualities are most important to discuss? What key experiences should be brought up based on the job description? Once you get started, your nerves will settle, and you’ll be able to show your true potential.

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