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Questions you should ask a car delivery service company

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September 23, 2021
car delivery service

No matter if you are moving to another state, have bought a car online, or want to send it to your loved ones, hiring an auto carrier is a much more convenient and cost-effective option compared to driving the car yourself. You may not be aware, but car transport companies specialize in handling car delivery service. But it is necessary to ask some questions before shipping your car to make sure you’re comfortable with your auto transport company.

Are you a registered company?

All movers must be registered with the United States Department of Transportation. You should ask them for their registration number and their motor carrier number, and compare them with the fmcsa records.

When was the company founded?

You should always ask about the history of the car transport company when speaking to their representative.  The company should not have been in business for over a century, but you don’t want a company that opened a month ago.  When you hire an auto transport company to move your car across the country, you want to make sure that they’re experts in their field. Their solid track record and longevity speak for themselves.

Exactly what kind of services do you offer?

Looking at the website of a car shipping company can give you an outline of its auto transport services, but if you’re interested in finding out more, you should inquire. They must tell you what exactly they offer. Almost every auto shipping company offers different vehicle shipping services. A few companies may ship across the country, but others may only ship in a certain area. Additionally, there might be restrictions regarding the type of vehicles that can be shipped. The company might offer both open and enclosed transportation. Or they might only be offering open transport, so that’s another factor to consider.

What type of insurance you are providing?

Most standard auto insurance policies do not cover car transportation. You should, therefore, inquire about your auto insurance coverage from your carrier. The coverage they offer may not be suitable, in which case you may request an increase in it or look at another insurance provider. You will have peace of mind if your car is properly insured during shipping, and you will not be held responsible for costs associated with damage.

How much you will charge to ship a car?

Since car shipping prices differ among companies, you must verify their prices separately. Comparing prices is important, but don’t forget to ask what is included in the final cost. To avoid being surprised by the unexpected additional costs, ask for a breakdown of the information. If you agree, you should also get the information in writing. Your quote will depend on some details about your car, so be prepared with details such as your brand, model, current condition, and delivery location.

What should I do before shipping my car?

The carriers may refuse to transport your car until you have properly prepared it for transport. So you should ask about how you should prepare your car before shipping. Then prepare the car beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassles at the last minute by asking how it should be prepared for shipping safely.

If you are using an auto transport services to move your car over a long distance, you should make sure your registration and insurance documents are up to date, so that the wrong owner is not mistakenly delivered the vehicle.

What is the shipping time?

While some companies may promise fast shipping, not all of them will deliver as promised.  It is important that you know how long your car will take to arrive at the destination and that you are informed of possible delays.   A company must be able to meet deadlines if your car needs to be delivered urgently. Make sure you verify this with them before hiring.