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Signs You Might Have Foundation Issues

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June 02, 2021
Signs You Might Have Foundation Issues

Foundation issues can occur for a variety of different reasons, and those reasons are something that an expert foundation repair company can determine. Yet before they can reach this stage and offer you a report and advice about what to do regarding your foundation problems, you need to know to call them in. 

This is why it can pay to understand the signs that could point towards foundation issues in your property. Read on to discover what some of the most significant signs are when it comes to foundation issues. Once you know what they are, you can quickly get the help you need before the problem becomes much bigger and much more difficult to solve. The sooner you can get help, the less damage will occur. 

Cracks In The Walls And Floors 

Not all cracks are going to have something to do with your foundations, but if you spot large cracks appearing suddenly in your walls and floors, it shows that your room isn’t even anymore – essentially, the property is being pulled in two opposite directions. 

When you see this happening in your home, it’s wise to check out https://pinnaclefoundationrepair.com/ and book an appointment with an expert. The same is true if you see cracks around doorways or on the exterior of your home. Some cracks are simply due to the house settling, but these will happen just after building. If these new cracks have occurred later, it may well be your foundations. 

Doors That Swing Open

If you’ve ever been sitting peacefully in your home only to be shocked when a door swings open, your first thought probably wasn’t that your foundations are damaged. You’d probably assume that a draft blew through your home or that someone opened the door. Perhaps you even think of ghosts. 

The truth is usually much more prosaic. If your foundations are damaged and shifting, doorways will no longer be in the right place to hold the doors still, and the result is that they will swing open. 

Gaps Around Window And Door Frames 

As we’ve mentioned above, door frames can shift when foundations move around due to damage. But it’s not just swinging doors that will tell you this has happened; you can also see it if you look closely because there will be gaps around your door frames. There may be gaps around your window frames too. 

To keep your home safe and secure, not to mention keeping it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your window and door frames must be at right angles and fit together well. If your foundations are damaged, this will no longer be the case, and the gaps will be obvious. 

Damp Flowerbeds 

If you’ve noticed that your flowerbeds are unexpectedly damp, your foundations could be to blame. If moisture is to blame for the repairs that you will need in your foundations, then it can seep up into the soil around the house – there’s just too much of it for the property to deal with.