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Some of the best washing machine brands in India

Some of the best washing machine brands in India

Household appliances heavily influence our everyday routines. They hold the power to make our lives a tad bit easier or harder depending on their features. We assist you in your research work by providing you with a list of washing machine brands (accompanied by the best washing machines in India) that are worth singing your praises over.

  1. Samsung

Samsung occupies a position on a pedestal with its constant innovation updates. Their brag-worthy applications find solutions to almost every problem a consumer can encounter. The long-term lock-up costs that require engineer callouts are strictly forbidden with this technology. This application accounts for a Smart Check system that syncs with the pertinent application, monitors it, detects any problems, and delivers solutions to the consumer. For the Indian market, there has been constant rave over the 6.5kg Front-Loading WW65M224K0W Washing Machine. In addition to their reduction on lock-in costs, they dispense 10-year warranties in case things do not go your way. Like any other appliance, however, Samsung encounters a few drawbacks as well. Their greatest drawback stems from their technological innovation itself. Despite the investment in technology to reduce long-term difficulties, glitches in the trouble-shooting application have been complained about in the past.

  1. IFB

Deepening the competition amongst washing machine brands, IFB has won over the hearts of consumers in India. IFB places their trust completely on ‘setting yourself free’ by easing the hassles of everyday household chores. Designing their washing machines as per the Indian market, their Aqua Energie filter treats the hard water in households and makes it usable for the average Indian consumer. Their latest Cradle Wash feature delicately washes clothes, as if it were a hand wash. The best washing machine of IFB till date for the Indian market is the 6.5kg Aqua Top Loader Washing Machine. The innovative aspect of this machine is no less than mind-blowing. Paired with an LED display screen and high voltage protection for inconsistent energy supply, they also have an air and tub dryer and an automatic bubble leveller. All these built-in features get rid of long-term additional costs borne by a consumer in case they wish to make their appliance more practical. While IFB wins because of its feature-rich approach and its cost-effective mindset, LG and Bosch dominate in terms of their overall quality and durability.

  1. Bosch

Bosch keeps true to its slogan “Invented for Life”, as it builds every washing machine with practicality for everyday utilization. Focusing on hygiene and being clean despite the temperature of water, ActiveOxygen technology is of utmost importance to Bosch. This technology was their latest breakthrough in their Series 8 Bosch washing machine range, and accounts for the cleanest clothes regardless of the water pressure and temperature, which is perfect for households in India, encompassed by water and energy inconsistency, price of bosch washing machine makes it an affordable buy. Other than their latest series, the 7kg Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine has been awarded ‘for the Indian consumer’ label. Placing greater emphasis on durability, this washing machine comes with a variety of features. The SpeedPerfect option quickens the washing process by 65% compared to typical front-loading machines, and is matched elegantly with its VarioDrum option which optimizes their wave-droplet cleaning pattern, thereby, washing clothes of different textiles perfectly. Their AntiVibration mode ensures stability and noise-control. Their greatest remonstrance draws out from their customer service and slow installation procedures, but this drawback is immediately looked over once their 10-year warranty is considered.

  1. LG

Striking the perfect balance between technology and innovation, LG has dominated the consumer durability market for decades. Building on its contemporarily polished physical features is of great importance to LG, as they reckon that the greatest washing machines deliver the cleanest clothes, while looking alluring in your household. 2020 marked the year of incessant babbling amongst consumers after the launch of LG WM3900H washing machine. This front-loader came with a spectrum of options; from being rough with tough stains and gentle with delicates, to additional options such as supplementary rinses, and stain loosening pre washes. Saving on time, this washing machine washes clothes twice as fast as the conventional washing machine. The only drawback arises from the complaints of truncated repair rates compared to other brands. However, this drawback is trumped when considering the overall water and energy efficiency it claims.

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