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Soulmates vs Twin Flame Connections – What Are the Differences Between Soulmates & Twin Flames?

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April 27, 2021
Soulmates vs Twin Flame Connections - What Are the Differences Between Soulmates & Twin Flames?

One of the differences between a soulmate and a twin flame is the type of complementary energy that connects two people with each other. If you bond strongly with certain individuals, such as your friends or family members, it could mean they’re soulmates who have been with you during several incarnations.

Twin flames, however, may not stay with each other through life cycles. They may come together for a particular purpose that may not even last an entire incarnation. Psychic readings can help you learn how each soulmate or twin flame has come into your life through a shared path.

Soulmates Are Based on Common Archetypes

Three of the more common archetypes are the authoritative masculine figure, nurturing feminine figure and the innocent child. A person who seems to fit a dominant archetype could be your soulmate. The attraction could be based on their unique energy meeting your need to take care of specific issues during this life cycle.

Discovering the various archetypes influencing your decisions gives insights as to why you’re drawing others in. Highly favorable reviews of California psychics prove that archetypes are becoming more widely embraced as keys to resolving difficult life situations.

You Can Discover Who May Be a Soulmate or a Twin Flame

A soulmate possesses a dominant archetype or feature. If his or her personality trait is bigger than your weakest trait then it’s a good balance, and you may be soulmates throughout many lives. Depending on your own dominant archetypes, you may require several soulmates. Each one may possess a separate governing personality to balance out your own traits and features.

An individual in your life who displays a range of powerful archetypes, however, could also be your twin flame. If he or she always seems to complement your energy or adds valuable building blocks while you carry out your life’s mission, it may be a clue that you’re twins. You’ve both been attracted to each other in this lifetime to fulfill a purpose, whether it’s love, a business venture or a creative endeavor.

Don’t be too upset if you find yourself parting company from a flame when a purpose has been fulfilled. Twins, however, don’t remain far apart forever. Your souls may gravitate toward each other at some point in the future to complete another mission.

Horoscopes Help You Track Your Connections

Your horoscopes can help you understand whether someone is a soulmate or a twin flame. By cross-referencing your daily horoscope to the horoscopes of the relevant people in your life, you could detect whether a current event is affecting your future together.

An example of soulmates joining together could be a team of business partners with a shared commitment of growing a company they can pass on to their heirs. Twin flames, on the other hand, could be two individuals who come together through a powerful energy connection for a particular calling; it may not necessarily mean that they’re expected to be romantically involved.

Identifying your own archetypes helps you understand when you’re connecting with someone who has a personality that balances yours. Soulmates and twin flames shouldn’t be hard to identify, especially when psychic readings can help you determine your true higher function.