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Space-Themed Gaming Titles That Have Been Inspired by NASA’s Worm Rebrand


It was recently announced that NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, will reintroduce their retired logo, the worm. Prior to its retirement, the emblem grew into a well-known design that was much-loved across the world. Although the meatball remains as NASA’s official logo, some prefer the retro style as it’s sleeker in appearance.

Given that the emblem was identifiable on a global level, it became an inspiration to the forward-thinking developments of diverse markets, including the casino and video gaming industries. So, let’s take a look at several titles that have been designed with a spaced-themed focus.

Kerbal Space Program

Throughout the last few decades, titles with a space-inspired focus have become increasingly common on mainstream consoles. Of those, Kerbal Space Program has undoubtedly been one of the most popular. Although the game doesn’t share the same retro style as the rebranded worm, the space simulator provides prospective gamers with an immersive experience that seeks to mirror the flights of rockets like the Falcon 9, which is set to feature the 1970s emblem following its revival.

Following its release in 2001, the Squad development was named as PC Gamer’s Best Simulation in 2015. For realism, few can argue that Kerbal Space Program somewhat incorporates the issues that NASA faces. According to a report by the organization, gamers are being challenged to build a replica of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft and successfully return an asteroid sample to Earth. Although the development isn’t directly inspired by the worm rebrand, it is targeting real-world issues.

Space Arcade

In moving away from console developments, casino titles have adopted a more old-school approach to their space-inspired themes. At Royal Panda, a casino online in India, bettors can immerse themselves in Space Arcade, a three-reel, nine-payline slot. Much like NASA’s rebrand, NoLimit City have sought to modify pre-existing developments, while still retaining a retro aesthetic. The title is inspired by Space Invaders, although, despite being a modernized version, succeeds in integrating arcade-style themes.

From a visual standpoint, Space Arcade is likely to appeal to those who enjoy all things related to space exploration. In the slot’s background, users will find floating planets, which aid in hammering home the space-inspired theme. Much like the worm, Space Arcade is simplistic in style, as its three-reel format gives it a classic overtone.

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Space Christmas

Furthermore, NASA’s rebrand is also indicative of the fact that intertwining old-school themes with contemporary ideas is a potentially fruitful concept. Interestingly, Space Christmas embodies this ideology. While outer space is also the setting for this 1×2 Gaming title, it innovatively combines space concepts with Christmas-inspired themes.

In seeking to appeal to a diverse audience base, the five-reel slot sees players take a flight from the North Pole to the Moon. Alongside the Christmas themes, which range from snowmen to trees, space-related concepts are integrated, such as planets. Furthermore, the title’s soundtrack takes a step away from the festive theme, with it instead featuring a darker sound that is more commonly associated with the eternity of outer space.

A Rebrand That Inspires Innovation

In sporadically moving back to the worm, NASA are re-adopting a retro theme for their operations that could prove beneficial in reigniting interests in space exploration. Even though the meatball will remain as the organization’s official logo, the rebrand is reflective of the popularity of old-school designs among space-inspired developments, as showcased by the above titles.

Moreover, the listed titles point to the idea that retro concepts can thrive within modern-day society. Although NASA had their reasons for retiring the worm during the 1990s, space-themed games, particularly those at online casinos, highlight the mainstream popularity of old-school themes within the genre.



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