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Stellar Photo Recovery Review: Your One Stop Solution to Recover Photos

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May 05, 2021
Stellar Photo Recovery Review: Your One Stop Solution to Recover Photos

Photos are one of the most valuable possessions in any individual’s life. Be it the unforgettable wedding pictures, childhood photographs or birthday pics of lovely kids, photographs are the precious assets that everyone wants to keep safe for a lifetime. One of the worst things and extremely unpleasant feeling for an individual is to see their photos getting lost or deleted due to the corrupted file or by mistake sometime. Furthermore, it can be even more terrifying if no backup of the photos has been taken. Either way, no one NEVER wants to go through the painful experience of losing their photos, which are nothing less than once in a lifetime memory.

It cannot be denied that trying to recover corrupt photos can result into many sleepless nights and wasting long precious hours. If you have accidentally deleted the photos or files have got corrupted or formatted due to any reasons, then you can end up in a troublesome situation. This is the reason why many experts always advice to keep an updated backup of your data. And in case if you do not own any backup then most efficient way to restore those deleted pictures back is with the help of best photo recovery software.

What Stellar Photo Recovery Software have for you?

With exclusive features Stellar Photo Recovery Software comes as a complete package for any of your Photo recovery needs. The software comes with a free demo version which can be upgraded to paid license version as per your need.

It cannot be denied that with the help of free demo version you can preview your recovered photos in no time, but in order to recover and save those files back you need to pay some amount of peny from your pocket to enjoy complete leverage of the software.

As we know, free version always comes with some restrictions but purchasing the license version of Stellar Photo Recovery will obviously not disappoint you instead it will offer a quite a bit more functionality over the free demo version.

If you’re facing any trouble in activating the software from free demo version to paid, then check here for all versions and choose as per your requirement!

Key Prerequisite of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

  • Recover unlimited media files in no time.
  • Restore media files with original date-timestamp.
  • Recover camera-specific RAW file formats.
  • Recover from corrupt, formatted, or inaccessible drives.
  • Uniquely designed, fast and user-friendly interface.

How to Recover Photos with the help of Stellar?

You must be wondering “How to recover deleted photos using stellar photo recovery software?” Well as mentioned before Stellar offers intuitive interface and works in easy steps. Let’s look at these steps: 

Download and Install Stellar Photo Recovery

First and foremost thing to run any software or app is to install so download the software on your Windows or mac system from their site. You can download the software depending upon your OS.

Select the Location

Now after installation, you need to connect the media device to the system and from the main interface of the software select the location from where you want to recover photos.

Fig 1 Main Interface of Software select location

(Fig 1: Main Interface of Software, select location)

Scan the device

After selection of files scan the selected location for lost, deleted or formatted files by selecting click option. Once scanning is done software will list a preview of recoverable files. You can select the ones which you want to preview.

Fig 2 Preview Recoverable Photos

(Fig 2: Preview Recoverable Photos)

Recover Files

After preview, Select the files which you want back click recover, a pop up will appear asking for a location to save the recoverable files.

Fig 3 Save Recoverable Photos 1

(Fig 3: Save Recoverable Photos)

Note: Make sure you do not save the files on the same affected device, select a new healthy device.

Stellar Photo Recovery Service

If you wish to recover deleted media files from any damaged, broken or inaccessible device then Stellar offer their service. With the help of Stellar Photo Recovery Services you can easily get your photos back from any damaged or broken device provided that you may not have done any sort of hit and trial at first. 

However, it is important to ascertain the capabilities, practices, and track record of the service provider before handing over your media. Data privacy should also be an important consideration while deciding on your data recovery service provider but stellar in no doubt has one of the best and authentic data recovery software and services.

Final Verdict

Nobody wants to compromise with their data either it is photos, office files and so we are, and I believe Stellar is no exception when it comes to data recovery. Now it’s pretty obvious that we wholeheartedly recommend Stellar Photo Recovery Software for individuals and professionals.

Loaded with the high-quality and unique features, it is easy to install. Not only this if you’re not sure whether the software will be able to recover photos or not then in that case you always have an advantage to download free demo version and check preview of recoverable files before purchasing. 

Have you ever used Stellar to recover data from formatted SD card? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!