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Storing Garbage with Style: 10 Best Trash Can Enclosure in the Market Right Now

Storing Garbage

Trash can enclosures come in different varieties of wood and resin to metal and steel. There are many products available on the internet but do not be attracted only to the appearance. Listed below are ten of the best garbage bin holders with the information to help you out.

Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Bin

In terms of aesthetics, one of the best products on the list is the Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Bin. This trash can enclosure comes in a cream shade that amplifies the view of your yard. It is made from a resin material and durable for long-term usage.

Kinying Horizontal Outdoor Garbage Shed

Kinying Horizontal Outdoor Garbage Shed is perfect for a stunning yet straightforward trash can enclosure. It comes in a neutral color that will perfectly blend in with your house’s design. The aesthetics also stand out because of a wooden-detailed door and diamond-patterned designs on each side.

Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Trash Enclosure

If you are looking for a waterproof trash can enclosure, the Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway is the best option for you. It fits the view of anyone’s yard, incorporating a neutral look with a woven touch. This product is made from resin material but looks like wood in rattan in the way it is designed.

Zippity Vinyl Fence Trash Can Enclosure

Zippity Vinyl is one of the unique trash can enclosures on the list featuring a white fencing design. Your storage bins do not have to be in a large and closed box every time. You can purchase this product and enjoy the pleasant view of your yard. 

Zippity Outdoor Products Premium Trash Can Enclosure Fence

Another fantastic Zippity product on the list is the Outdoor Premium Trash Can Enclosure Fence. It comes in a beautiful wood paneling design that perfectly fits your yard without looking so big and tacky.

Lifetime Products Wood and Trash Can Enclosure

The Lifetime Products Trash Can Enclosure is the best option if you are into the wood business. It comes in a farmhouse-style design and neutral color that blends in with your home. You can either use it as a trash can holder or wood storage.

KETER Patio Store Foot Resin Outdoor Garbage Bin Shed

Another great trash can enclosure on the list that boasts aesthetics is the KETER Patio Store Foot Resin Outdoor Garbage Bin Shed. It comes in a combination of grey wood and black metal framing that looks very attractive and trendy. It is an excellent addition to your home furniture.

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Funland Metal Garbage Can

Funland Metal Garbage Can is one of the most durable trash can enclosures on the list. It is made with metal material, so it definitely won’t rot. This product comes in a dark blue color with beautiful wood finishes that anyone would desire to buy.

Hanover Dark Grey Galvanized Steel Trash Can Enclosure

The Hanover Dark Grey Trash Can Enclosure is made with a robust galvanized metal body resistant to any weather outdoors. The dark tone design will blend in anyone’s home. This product is the best option if you are looking for a simple and straightforward garbage bin holder.

Canditree Outdoor Large Horizontal Garbage Storage Shed

This list will not be complete if the Canditree Outdoor Large Horizontal Garbage Storage Shed is not present. This trash can enclosure equips the best neutral color, light grey. It can accommodate comfortably three of your garbage bins with excellent air circulation.


There are many nice-looking trash can enclosures in the market, but you have to ensure durability before buying one. This list of the best garbage bin holders contains every information you need to purchase what best suits you.


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