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Swerving Past Misinformation: 6 Myths About Used Car Parts that Could be Costing You Money

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June 16, 2022
Car Parts

Car repairs are often frustrating, time-consuming, and costly, leaving you wary of investing in used car parts that could potentially leave you deeper in financial trouble. While you should take caution when purchasing salvaged pieces, it’s possible to find high-quality used car parts for reasonable prices that keep your vehicle well-maintained while reducing waste.

Read on to learn six costly myths keeping you from saving money with used car parts. 

Used parts are unreliable

There’s a common assumption that used car parts are sub-par and unreliable. The truth is, it’s standard for every automobile part resold by a dealer to pass multiple safety tests to ensure performance efficiency and adequate protections. After all, companies who sell unreliable parts can be held liable for malfunctions, negatively affecting their business

Used parts have no warranty

Whereas your car’s warranty likely won’t cover used parts, the components themselves often come with a warranty.

The business of used parts thrives on repeat customers. Therefore, invest in customer satisfaction,  ensuring some guarantee on the products they sell. Though warranties may not be lengthy or in-depth,  if you buy the part from a professional reseller, there is an assurance warranty on the piece itself.

Used parts won’t last as long

As with all auto parts, putting in the effort to maintain them is crucial if you’re looking for long-lasting pieces. So the myth here is of no consequence as long as you take the time to maintain your vehicle and all the parts that require repair. Simple diligence will ensure salvaged components hold their ground and keep your car funning efficiently.

Used parts are low quality

Just because a vehicle has a few miles on it doesn’t mean the quality is compromised. First, ensure the scrapyard or reseller you’re doing business with is reputable and properly licensed to lower your risk of sub-par quality. The state requires licensed companies to uphold specific standards—otherwise, they risk negative reviews, fines, and potential shutdown.

Used parts are expensive

Some people are under the impression that a used parts dealer will sell the parts they need for up to twice as much as their actual value. As a result, people believe that used salvage yards and junkyards exist to rip them off.

However, the opposite is true. Used parts dealers actually provide services that help the environment and rarely make significant profits from selling salvaged car parts, often barely breaking even during transactions. 

Mechanics won’t install used parts

Unfortunately, mechanics make money off the new parts they sell, so they will likely attempt to convince you to purchase pieces and installation from their company store. However, most mechanics will install used parts with a bit of pushback. If you’re not up for an argument, you can always opt for scrapyard installation services offered at most locations.  

Wrapping Up

While it may seem paradoxical, used parts often offer a better bang for your buck than brand-new pieces. So, take a chance on salvaged solutions next time you’re in need and sleep easy knowing you saved money and helped reduce non-biodegradable waste.