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Ten simple steps to keep your laptop secure

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May 27, 2020
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Laptops are one of the most priced procession and we ought to take the utmost care of it. Overheads and maintenance costs of laptops are capable to dig a hole in your pocket and suck out a lump sum of your wealth. This article is a guide that can help the readers find the most promising ways of protecting their laptop and keeping it secured so that there is no maintenance is required for the longest term. Trace the following pointers to get enlightened about the tried and tested ways of protecting your laptop:

  1. Have a laptop cover:

This is the basic thing that you can do if you want to keep your laptop safe from any accidental risk. In any worse situation where your laptop happens to bump or fall, then the cover acts as a protecting sheet that causes minimal harm to the laptop. This can even help you avoid scratches on your laptop.

  1. Keep your location-finder on:

Be prepared for the worst and keep your location finder on. This can save your laptop from going into the hands of thieves. It is important if you have taken laptop in rent. Consider the services of laptop rent in Gurgaon for such cases to treasure additional benefits.

  1. Use Kensington cable:

If you are someone who leaves his or her laptop at the office, then you need to use the Kensington cable. Fastening it with such cables lessens the risk of loss of laptops or stealing cases.

  1. Use a virtual private network:

Using public Wi-Fi can prove to be harmful. It can probably interfere with your privacy. The provider can potentially invade into your browsing history. If you don’t want to grant access to your browsing history, then make sure that you are using a private network. This is an ideal mobile phone security step as well. So you can implement the step while browsing in the phone also.

  1. Use of webcam cover:

A webcam cover is necessary to physically protect the webcam from scratches and other accidents. A protected webcam can even save you from getting spied on. At times, the web pirates make the use of a webcam to spy on you.

  1. Use of privacy screen:

The curious being never leaves a chance to peep into your screen. Adding the privacy screen can help you limit the viewing angles of the screen. Hence, your privacy is intact. If you are looking forward to seek rentals services then you can even find mobile on rent in Gurgaon.

  1. Update your software and system:

Updating your system and software is the most promising way to keep your laptop far from maintenance needs. The latest security features available in the updates are essentially beneficial.

  1. Having data backup:

Having backups apparently proves to be the best remedy to secure data on the laptop.

  1. Encryption of the hard-drive:

This can help you secure your data from physical attacks. If an attacker steals your hard-drive, he or she will fail to invade your data.

  1. Have a logging-in password:

Have a logging-in password and make sure the password is strong enough to not be guessed.

Final words:

Following these quick steps, you can make sure that your laptop is safe. Laptop maintenance costs generally sum up to a huge amount which can be troublesome to be arranged at times. But using it ideally can prove as a perfect move which can practically help you keep your laptop protected. I hope we have made you a more responsible and aware laptop owner. Hence, follow these steps and secure your laptop from all the possible threats.