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The Business Model for Cricket

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April 23, 2020
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Cricket is a sport that is loved by a majority of Indians, but it is not all because of the game itself. Those who love the game for its entertainment value and their passion for following statistics are many, but there are many who love it and follow it for the financial aspect or the business aspect of the game. There is a lot of money at stake for the players, sponsors, advertisers and of course, organisers. There are some others who depend on the game for making a fair amount of money and those are the bettors. They can access various portals to do so and can access all the information they need at Cricket Betting. All these different categories of people have a different view of the game as below:

The Players

The players get paid for every match they play. In addition, they are rewarded for exemplary performance on the field. Additionally, if they win the tournament, the prize money is big. This is from playing cricket. Apart from that, they make money from all the popularity and fame they earn. This gets them many endorsements, TV shows, public appearances and events, each a big source of income for them.

The Sponsors

The sponsors use cricket as a large-scale marketing tool where their brand gets exposed to the entire viewer universe. This reach is massive. Other than that, they make sales of any related supplies to the tournament and merchandise. They also enjoy privileges related to it to be shared with their customers and family members.

The Advertisers

The advertisers pay for premium advertising slots during the short breaks between the over’s and the fall of wickets. These are extremely powerful in reaching the consumers watching the broadcast of the match and building the awareness of their brands. They hope the match lasts the full duration to get maximum advantage. When the matches are cut short or cancelled, they could lose some of the money that they might have paid for those slots. They would get compensated in most cases.

The Organisers

The organisers make a huge investment in hosting a cricket tournament and they recover it through the spectators who come to watch the match live, the advertisers, the sponsors and the fees paid by the playing sides. When the matches are played on the weekends or in the evenings, they have a good chance of getting a full house and making good profits.

The Broadcasters

Channels have to go through a tough battle to get the broadcasting rights for tournaments and spend a lot of money for the same. This is recovered with good profits through the advertising slots that are sold at a premium for brands that wish to reach high volumes of audience.

The Bettors

The spectators watching the match live or the viewers enjoying the live broadcast of the match also try to make the most of the game and use their prediction skills to make money. They are often active on betting sites and place wagers on the team they think will win.

While some do it just to try their luck, many do so on the basis of their gut feel. The really serious bettors carry out a full analysis of the sides, the form of the players, the ground and weather conditions, the pitch and several other key factors and then place their bets. In spite of so much analysis, you never know when the game might change and that is why it is a gamble. Luck plays a big role here.

The presence of online resources has made it a breeze for the bettors to be a part of the esteemed game of cricket and reap the benefits. Now, you need not go and stand in crowded bookie rooms to place your bet. You can simply sit at home with your smartphone or laptop, study the statistics, analyse the game and place your bet. With resources that can give you detailed information about the match and access to odds at different websites, you can make a well-informed decision. This improves your chances of winning, but as they say, it is all a gamble and the tables could turn any time

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