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The Essential Parts of Your Two-Wheeler and How to Maintain Them

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Sometimes your best companion on the road is your two-wheeler. It can be a part of some of the most exciting journeys of your life. For these rides and experiences to be smooth and safe, one must treat their two-wheeler with utmost care and patience. It’s important to know the various essential parts of your two-wheeler that are responsible for various functions and that also impact speed and mileage. Apart from this, knowing some helpful maintenance tips for these essential parts will go a long way in ensuring you keep your vehicle running smooth. Some of these parts and maintenance tips are as follows:

  1. Engine – This part of the motorbike is what makes it run and is the lifeline of the two-wheeler. The valve inside the engine helps in combustion, allowing movement of air. Regular inspection and care of the engine are very important for its longevity as it is responsible for the smooth operation of the motorbike.
  1. Carburettor – This part of the two-wheeler aids in the combustion process of the engine. It contains chambers, valves and tubes that blend the air and the fuel. 
  1. Cylinder – There can be up to six cylinders in a vehicle. The two-wheeler has two cylinders that act as livers of the motorbike and support the engine in the process of combustion.
  1. Pistons – These are responsible for the movement of the wheels of the bikes that help in the energy transformation process from the engine to other parts of the motorbike.
  1. Battery – A key component in stabilising the electrical functions of your bike, the battery is responsible for the smooth running of the motorbike. Bikes mostly have a 12-volt battery that consists of sulphuric acid. Always check for leakages.
  1. Filters – Acting as lungs of the two-wheeler, air filters aid in avoiding dust in the air to get inside the oil or fuel. Make sure to check the air filters for clogs and deposit and clean them at frequent intervals for a smooth ride.
  1. Handlebars – The control and balance of the motorbike are maintained using handlebars and it’s impossible to ride your two-wheeler without these. 
  1. Brakes – For ensuring the safety of the rider, brakes are used in controlling the speed of the vehicle. It is important to check the alignment of the brakes beforehand to avoid unforeseen circumstances. 
  1. Headlamp & Tail-lamp – The lights located on the front and back of the motorbike, assisting the rider and others on the road for a safe journey. 
  2. Fuel Tank – Depending on the capacity of the tank, a sufficient amount of fuel is stored here. It is advisable to clean out old oil and maintain optimum fluid levels for a smooth ride. 
  3. Wheels – The weight and mobility of your motorbike are carried by the wheels. Consisting of the tyre, hub, rim and spokes, they are responsible for the bike sliding and require optimum air pressure for best results.

Paying attention to the top quality and maintenance of these essential parts should be of high priority for anyone owning a two-wheeler. In worst-case scenarios, repair or replacement of these parts can be quite costly. To aid in this, Two-wheeler Insurance helps protect your ride in the best ways possible and acts as a support at all times by making your motorbike maintenance affordable and hassle-free. 


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