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The Importance of Potency in Marijuana and Finding the Right Seeds to Grow

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November 01, 2021
The Importance of Potency in Marijuana and Finding the Right Seeds to Grow

The potency of cannabis plants is changing every year. Cultivators are always looking for new ways to make their products better. They will adopt new ways to cultivate their product to achieve the best yields. Also, consumer needs high-quality products for their everyday use.

An Overview of Cannabis Cultivation

There has been continuous research on cannabis cultivation and its role in getting high-quality products in the last twenty years or more. The move brings tremendous advantages to the industry as you can purchase premium cannabis products. For a grower, the developments enable them to get better yield and are critical to the potency of their plants. With the United Strains of America seeds, you can get premium products for growing, giving you a competitive advantage over rivals. 

Modern-day cannabis plants are more potent than what was there thirty years ago. There is evidence from research backing the improvement of cannabis cultivation techniques and types of seeds to grow. However, today we can find thousands of strains due to the continuous interbreeding of marijuana plants. Traditionally, the three main species would include the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid of both. On the other hand, it is critical to find the best seeds to grow. We will offer tips about selecting the ideal; seeds to grow later in this read. 

Marijuana Potency for Users

The THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is what determines the potency of marijuana plants. It is the compound that gives the user the euphoria of cannabis use. When the plants contain high amounts of the THC compound, we consider them highly potent plants. Achieving high potency in cannabis cultivation is essential for the end-user. A recreational consumer will prefer to get high on a bit of a product than smoke several joints without feeling the impact. It is more critical for avid users as it can be easy for the body to adapt to the compounds, making them need to smoke more for the high. 

However, with high potent plants, you will require a few hits to get high. Still, it is advisable to know your limits before trying out high-potent cannabis products. The reason is that marijuana causes paranoia, and you may not enjoy the feeling as a beginner. Therefore, you can start with the less potent ones and upgrade your supplies as you get the experience.

Factors that Influence Cannabis Potency

Several reasons will influence the potency of cannabis products. They include;

The climatic conditions

In cannabis cultivation, humidity, temperature, and access to light will influence the potency of cannabis plants. Also, soil acidity plays a significant role in the quality of yields. When you grow the plants outdoors, it cannot be easy to attain high potency in them due to the unpredictability of the conditions. However, a controlled environment by cultivating marijuana indoors can ensure you get the correct potency. As a grower, you can optimize the conditions to the plant’s benefit.

The Genes

Marijuana seeds genes will determine the quality of products. The female plants will most probably be more potent than the male or aphrodite ones. Also, through the interbreeding of various species, a grower can group the plants depending on their composition. The genetic composition will influence the potency of the final products. 

Harvesting process and storage

A grower needs to harvest the cannabis products at the ideal time when they are most potent. The plant’s composition changes as the plants develop, and it matures when the plant fully flowers. It will be best to harvest them since, after the floral stage, the THC content will reduce. The ways a cultivator stores the plants after harvesting will affect their potency. It is vital to keep them away from moisture.


The development of high potency and yielding plants largely depends on research. Therefore, cultivators need to invest in research to achieve the best results. Lab testing the cannabis products can help identify the genetics and ideal depending on the standards. The data that cultivators get from lab testing their products will help improve their cultivation techniques to achieve the best results. 

Growing Cannabis from Seeds

The best way to grow cannabis is through the use of seeds. Some people may try to clone plants, but it would be best to use seeds to grow your plants. Although you will need to take care of the plants through their development, it will be beneficial since you will have high-quality yields than opting for the easier road that may not be successful. 

The use of seeds averts the risks of getting the same challenges that the initial grower might be facing. Since they will likely not disclose all the details about the plant, you will be gambling with cannabis cultivation. However, cannabis seeds are safer options as they will not have diseases that you can inherit from cloning a plant. 

On the other hand, cultivation via seeds allows you to grow the products depending on your preferred features. However, it is critical to find a trusted seller of cannabis seeds who takes the proper steps to preserve the potency and quality of the plants. Below are tips to help identify the best seeds to grow;

Consider the different species and their characteristics. The Indica species are not as yielding as the Sativa ones, but you need to consider their qualities to determine what you want to grow. Both plants impact the user differently. However, you can grow a hybrid to get the Indica and Sativa characteristics in the same plant. The former option gives the body high and makes the user relaxed. In contrast, the latter gives a cerebral high and induces creativity in users. 

Select the black or dark brown seeds and avoid the green ones since they are not yet mature for growing. The more you store the seeds, the coating becomes hard and makes them not ideal for growing. Also, avoid the seeds with damaged coating as they will not grow. Therefore ensure to cultivate the fresh seeds if you want to achieve the best results.