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The Importance of UAT Testing in The Modern Era

Modern Era

What is UAT Testing?

UAT or User Acceptance Testing is a kind of testing done by the end-user to verify the software system before shifting the software application to the manufacturing environment. UAT testing is done in the final phase by business users, and it is the final pre-release phase in the life cycle of a business application. The client and end-users are the ones that perform UAT Testing, where two or more users are involved. 

UAT testing helps demonstrate that the needed functions of a test object are operating in a manner suitable to real-world situations and utilization. It is vital for the innovation and idea of the end-user to be in sync with the operating of the software. If the anticipated outcome is not accomplished during testing, the item will be recorded and sent back to the developers for further repair. This process allows for a final check to ensure that the finished item is virus-free and in the desired condition. 

Importance Of Uat Testing in The Current Day

UAT testing is vital for the successful running and smooth functioning of any online program. From social media apps to e-commerce websites, UAT ensures that your website is functioning as expected without any glitches experienced. This testing is carried out only when other tests, like functionality and system tests, have already been performed. It constitutes the final stage of the testing process before a product is launched on the market. 

The main benefit of UAT testing is to ensure whether business needs are met as stated. UAT testing also helps in recognizing the limitations during the integration testing of the unit. It also helps in diminishing the threat of finding defects after production. 

UAT testing is a boon for shareholders to guarantee a good ROI from business projects. These tests are firstly conducted in a professional lab using the method of crowd testing. In most cases, manual testing of software is preferred over automated testing. 

Some of the basic requirements before performing UAT Testing are first to ensure that the software application code is completely developed. Secondly, one must check for the existence of any major defects that could disrupt the process of testing. Finally, before performing UAT testing, just report that defects are retested and fixed. 

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Why Can’t Developers Do UAT Testing?

Although developers must make sure to develop the right code, UAT must be done only by either end-users, QA professionals, or clients. Asking developers to test their work increases the risk of testing bias. Therefore, QA professionals doing the testing can take away the burden of developers and is an authentic way to carry out testing. 

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