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    The Positives and Negatives of Mixing CBD and Alcohol

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    Statisticians estimate that around one-third of Americans have used CBD at least once.

    Taking CBD can have a broad range of health benefits, including pain reduction, stress management, and better sleep. However, most people don’t take CBD in isolation, so it’s important to consider the impact other substances have when you consume them along with CBD.

    Mixing CBD and alcohol is one thing many people are particularly curious about, as the two are commonly consumed together.

    Read on as we examine all the relevant information around CBD and alcohol, and consider whether it’s a good idea to mix them.

    Is Mixing CBD and Alcohol a Good Idea?

    Research on the combined effects of CBD and alcohol remains scarce. However, the information we currently have suggests that it is safe to consume the two together.

    We’ve looked at some of the specifics of the relationship between cannabis and alcohol below.

    Health Benefits

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    The majority of people who take CBD do so to achieve some kind of health benefit. The most common applications of CBD are improvement of sleep, reduction of anxiety, and pain management.

    Drinking some alcohol may strengthen some of these effects; it may, for instance, help you to sleep better. CBD may also lessen some of the harmful effects of alcohol, like cell damage.

    Health Risks

    If you’re wondering whether to mix CBD and alcohol, potential health risks are probably the main thing on your mind. The good news is that there’s no evidence of any long-term health risks associated with mixing the two.

    Amplification of Effects

    CBD and alcohol both cause users to relax. There is some evidence that, when you take the two together, you experience a stronger relaxing effect than you would get from either one alone.

    The “Crossfade”

    Anyone who regularly drinks and smokes marijuana will be able to tell you all about the crossfade. It describes a psychoactive experience caused by this mix that is far more intense than the relevant amount of either substance could cause by itself.

    However, unlike normal weed, CBD is non-psychoactive. Therefore, it appears safe to assume that taking it won’t make you any drunker than you would be anyway. However, as noted above, alcohol may reinforce the relaxing effects of CBD in some cases.

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    Making CBD Part of Your Daily Routine in 2020

    As you can see, there doesn’t appear to be any reason why mixing CBD and alcohol is a bad idea. As long as you don’t feel that the mixture is having negative effects for you personally, you should be able to drink and consume CBD in normal quantities without any negative consequences.

    That said, you should always monitor your own responses to any substance you consume. If you feel that mixing CBD and alcohol isn’t a good idea for you, stop.

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