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Things, Sleep Experts Doesn’t Want You To Do Before Bedtime


Quality sleep is important as it affects everything in your life. To get a night of good sleep it is important to follow a healthy lifestyle guided by sleep experts.

Good sleep not only refreshes your mood but also helps in boosting your immunity, improves your digestive system, maintains your weight, relaxes your mind and has many more hidden health benefits. But many people follow some unhealthy moves while going to the bed that affect them and their sleep as well. 

Among all the reasons, the selection of the wrong mattress is one thing that affects quality sleep. There are many types of mattresses available in the market. Choose the one that fits your body. Make a comparison between different beds like full bed vs twin and then find out which one is suitable for you. 

Factors Affecting The Quality Sleep 

Many other factors affect the quality of sleep. As we all know that no one has perfect sleeping habits but they can make one  by applying some changes in their lifestyle. The sleep experts have mentioned some major guidelines that you should avoid before bedtime.


  • Avoid Using Gadgets


We are living in a dynamic world that binds us to multiple gadgets everyday. Phones, laptops, and even watching television just before bedtime can disturb your sleep at night. Using gadgets can cause anxiety that may disturb sleep. Sometimes, violence, horror, or emotionally hurting news or series can disturb the mind and that stops you from sleeping comfortably. Apart from these, late-night uses of mobiles and laptops can harm your eyes and can cause some serious problems.


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  • Say No To Heavy Meals


Heavy meals at night are not good for your body. It not only generates obesity but also affects the digestive system. According to sleep experts, one who has a habit of eating heavy meals at night does not get a good sleep due to acidity problems. This is also a cause of dehydration as the body needs a large amount of water to digest the big meal taken.


  • Alcohol And Smoking


Both alcohol and cigarettes are not good for your health and at the same time, they also disturbs the sleep at night. Nicotine present in cigarettes stimulates wake-up hormones that do not allow you to take undisturbed sleep. Talk to your health care expert if you are having difficulty sleeping at night so that they can medicate you to recover from your addiction.


  • Exercise


Exercise is good for the body but only if it is done at the right time. Do not start exercising whenever you want. Exercising at night just before going to bed is not suggested as it increases the body temperature which in turn decreases the core body temperature that results in disturbed sleep.


  • Unusual Sleeping Time


Make a wake-up and sleep schedule and strictly follow it to get a good and satisfactory sleep. Going to bed late at night and waking up in the afternoon is not a good habit to follow. This type of habit will make you unhealthy and will affect the internal parts of your body as well as your mind. A healthy lifestyle includes early wake-up and an early bedtime. An old saying, “ early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” 

These are the top five things that sleep experts ask you to avoid strictly so that you can get quality sleep without any disturbance.

Good Sleep Through Mattress

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Many other practices affect your sleep and among them, the selection of a good bedding is important. If you are following a healthy lifestyle but still not getting good sleep then it is important to focus on the type of mattress and pillows you are using. They need to be changed and now it’s time to select the correct choice for your sleep. Here is some major information about the mattress that can surely help you. Check them out:

  • A soft and comfortable mattress will provide you relaxation from body aches and pains which may disturb sleep.
  • If you want to take cozy sleep with your partner then you can make a comparison between queen vs king beds and then select the one that can suit your bedroom dimension, fit your body shape and size and fulfill many other needs and requirements. This is just an example but there are many other beds between which you can make comparisons and find out the best one.
  • Make wise choices among the memory foam, latex foam, or any other available foam in the market as it also affects the quality of sleep.
  • Ask the shopkeeper to provide you all the important information about the available mattress in the market. Customer satisfaction and resolving their queries is a part of their sales process.
  • Along with the good and comfy mattress, the pillows also play an important role in sleep, It helps in relaxing the position of the neck and head so that you can get quality sleep.
  • Go with your budget as you will find many mattresses on the same. There are multiple beddings available in the market at various prices. So, select the one that fits your budget.
  • Sometimes, the sleeping position also affects sleep. Ask your health experts which is the right position to sleep for you as it differs from person to person. For ex- people with back pain are advised to sleep on their back and pregnant ladies are asked to sleep on their left sides.
  • Do not rotate your mattress as it affects the spring inside it. Sleep on the side that works positively on your body.

The Bottom Line

Health experts ask to bring some major changes in your daily lifestyle so that you can get a good and quality sleep. If you take them seriously then we assure you can have undisturbed and peaceful sleep. Along with changes in some habits, you need to follow some major changes in selecting the correct mattress and pillow for you so that you can get a sound sleep.



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