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Things you must know when choosing a name for your bot

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December 11, 2021
Things you must know when choosing a name for your bot

Chatbots are like members of your sales team, they are often the first ones to greet the customers and to offer assistance. This must make you believe that naming a bot something cold will be like calling your team member in a rude or impolite way. 

A friendly and a good bot name will create a connection with the customer. Naming a bot has an impact on customer behaviour and choices also, as they are mostly the first ones to interact with the customers as a company’s representative. So how a chatbot is perceived by the customer is crucial for the company, a customer will create his view and finally decide to do business with your company.

Why is naming a bot important?

AS discussed earlier, that naming a bot makes an impact on the customer, they can relate to these bots in a friendly way. 

Here are some reasons given for you to understand the importance of naming a chatbot:

1. Naming gives bot a human touch

We know chatbots mimic human conversations almost similarly. There are so many characteristics they are taking from humans as they are evolving. So giving chatbots names just as humans would seem fair, it will give a more human touch to customers interacting with them.

2. Creates a bond with the customers

Humans have a history and tradition of naming things, because when even an object or an animal for instance is given a name it creates an identity of the object and a compelling association in our minds about that object. Since chatbots are the ones to interact with the customers, it becomes more essential to give them a name to get them connected to the customers instantly.

3. Customers relate with the names

Names help to create an impression about the product in the minds of people. People relate names to the product’s attributes. Same goes for the chatbots. When a chatbot is given a name, it gives the chatbot a personalized tone for the customers, making them feel relatable and comfortable while interacting with the bot. A chatbot without a name seems cold and unfriendly to the customers.

4. Human Names Can Make Bot Communication More Natural

Giving a good human name to a bot makes the conversation simpler and friendly. It is a human psychology that using a name in conversations makes people feel more comfortable and natural. The customers take the conversation seriously rather than getting rid of the bots quickly. 

Quick words for choosing a bot name

Choosing a good bot name is indispensable, we know that now. However, in the process don’t forget about the chatbot’s functionality, the name should express the chatbot’s purpose, so it should be meaningful, ofcourse. But it is not always possible to come up with a meaningful name. Make sure the name you choose for your bot must be kept simple,original, memorable, approachable and easy to pronounce. Be creative to come up with a name that adheres to the customer’s mind. The name should be short and easy to read.