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    Top 10 things to slow down the risk of Dementia

    Top 10 things to slow down the risk of Dementia

    Have various searches been conducted to prevent the risk of Dementia, and do you know certain lifestyle changes can only prevent it? Nowadays, millions of people encounter this disease and don’t know what to do further. The development of this disease is quite frightening, and it’s essential to take a few steps to reduce the risk of this disease. Here in this blog, we will share the ways to slow down the risk of Dementia. Have a look

    Go For Regular Exercise

    If you people were not involved in physical activities, then here is the time to reduce the risk of this disease by a maximum of 50%. Otherwise, further deterioration would occur in the body and start affecting the cognitive memory. Make sure you do a maximum of 150 minutes of exercise every week, including cardio and strength training. You can also get started with walking and swimming. If you are doing moderate exercise, it’s also good to build muscle to pump up the brain. It would also reduce the risk of Dementia. Don’t forget to add balance and coordination exercises.

    Check Blood Pressure Level

    Blood pressure needs to be controlled to slow down the risk of Dementia. We know how essential it’s because it causes oxidative stress and inflammation that can destroy the neurons. High blood pressure is associated with an increased risk of Dementia, and it can damage the blood vessels in other parts of the brain. Keep checking blood pressure levels at home. 

    Make a healthy diet and essential lifestyle changes. There are so many affordable monitors available that help you keep track of blood pressure throughout the day. Exercise and walk can lower the stress level as well as reducing salt and alcohol intake would also keep your blood pressure level lower. 

    Manage The Diabetes

    If you people have diabetes, then keep this thing in consideration about having a higher risk of Dementia. When you are unable to control the blood sugar level, then it affects the brain. Diabetes can cause damage to cognitive function. Cut down the sugar intake and monitor your insulin level to avoid this. Diabetes management is essential and if this is inherited in your family, then consult with a doctor. 

    Lose Some Weight

    Obesity increases the risk of Dementia that also increases the high blood pressure level and type 2 diabetes. Make sure you people are maintaining a healthy weight to cope with these diseases. If you don’t want to get caught in Dementia, then weight loss is the major thing. Avoid packaged foods, processed meat and consumption of excess fat because it would wreck your health and give you massive weight. Follow any diet plan or ask your nutritionist whatever they are suggesting for weight loss. 

    Leave Smoking

    People who have lung cancer would have to leave the cigarette addiction and if you have nicotine-based e-cigarettes, keep this in mind. Several vape juices are available with zero nicotine, so get the high quality liquids of favorite flavors such as Cola Ice E Liquid High VG, Cherry menthol, cool grape, fizzy mango ice and fruit menthol E liquid flavors. Vaping won’t affect health as compared to cigarettes full of nicotine.  Chemicals in the smoke would be toxic for the brain and leave the worst impact on the body. It would affect the overall body and make the dementia condition even worse. 

    Stress Management

    You must be thinking about how to manage the stress? People need to know how to manage stress because it affects brain health and shrinks the memory area by affecting nerve cell growth and raising the risk of Dementia. Stress management can minimize the harmful effects and keep your brain protected. It is quite simple to take a deep breath and take some time for relaxation activities. Find out the inner peace and meditation, and religious practice, which will help in stress management. Do share this with your loved ones who have almost destroyed their lives with stress and depression.

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    Regular Sleep Schedule

    All you need to pay attention to is the sleeping pattern because it is directly linked to the development of Dementia. There are so many studies that say it improves sleep quality because it flushes out the toxins in the brain. People should go to bed early and turn off the screens before 30 minutes of sleep. Anxiety and depression would keep you awake, so if you have the same feeling at night, get out of bed and spend some time on the balcony relaxing and then get back in.

    Take Healthy Diet

    Do you know a healthy diet is important? A healthy diet can reduce inflammation and protect the brain. All you need to do is to manage the weight and cut down the sugar intake. You can have a Mediterranean diet which is best for reducing the risk of cognitive decline. Take plenty of green veggies and fruits. Whatever you eat, make sure you cook it at home. Take omega-3s fatty acids available in cold water fish such as salmon, tuna, seaweed, and sardines. You can also take fish oil as well. 

    Increase Your Social Engagement

    Develop a strong network with friends. If you want to keep yourself indulged in any activity then you can volunteer or join a club or social group. Visit the local community center and go on a date with friends. Staying in social gatherings would protect against dementia symptoms.

    These are the things that will help reduce cognitive decline and if you people are not following these things, then start it today because it will make you healthy. Pay close attention to a healthy diet and social gatherings. Always stay in a positive gathering rather than indulging yourself in negative people. Do share your experience with us on reducing the risk of Dementia by simply changing your lifestyle.


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