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    Top 5 Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home

    Top 5 Gadgets You Can Add To Your Home

    It’s always exciting getting a new appliance or a new piece of furniture for your home, isn’t it? Adding something new can change up the look and feel of the place, or make things convenient for that matter. And speaking of convenience, here are our top 5 picks of some gadgets that we think you should consider buying for your home. They are energy-efficient, very useful and some even allow for you to have wireless, remote access to keep a watch on your home from miles away. Isn’t that amazing? Have a read.

    5 Gadgets to Add To Your Home

    1. Smart Camera

    Smart cameras are the perfect devices for surveillance but what if we told you that they can be placed literally anywhere inside your home? Want to watch over the nanny? The housekeeper? Smart cameras are what you need! 

    These devices are available in wireless models, as well as wired. Wireless ones of course can be positioned anywhere; on the kitchen counter, the bookshelf, or in a discreet corner if you’re trying to not make it obvious. Meanwhile, wired ones simply need to be plugged into an outlet. Setting up the cameras is the easy part, download the respective mobile app and your smart camera is ready for use within minutes.

     The HD quality video feed of smart cameras can be accessed remotely through smartphones, laptops, and tablets – even a smart refrigerator if you have one that’s compatible! All you need is the mobile application. With that, it also features two-way audio, whereby people from both ends can communicate easily. Motion sensor technology allows for real-time alerts sent to our mobile devices while we’re away, and there is also the option of rewinding and watching the video feed in case you want to keep up with what you missed out on.

    2. Voice Assistant 

    Referred to as Smart Speakers as well, voice assistants are pretty great to have if you have more smart devices around the house, but they are also quite useful otherwise as well. 

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    Voice assistants are compatible with other smart devices in a sense that it allows you to control them with simple voice commands, and other than that it can play music straight from YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music wherever your subscriptions are. Other things that are possible are checking for traffic and weather conditions, searching for recipes while you cook or carrying out google searches in general, setting reminders for yourself for the upcoming week, or replying back to a friend’s text – all done with voice commands. These are just a handful of things that are possible with a voice assistant, there’s so much more that’s possible. 

    3. Mesh Wi-Fi Router

    A mesh Wi-Fi router works better than any traditional router. Its mesh technology is faster and allows for the mesh routers to cover larger spaces or any dead zones with the Wi-Fi connectivity; by providing seamless connectivity with its multiple routers placed at different points of the home. These then quite literally blanket the area with Wi-Fi. 

    The Google Wi-Fi router is a good example as this device can connect multiple devices at a time without disrupting connectivity to any. It is available as a single router and also comes in a 3-pack that is perfect for bigger homes and bigger families. 

    4. Surge Protector

    Power surges are like silent killers of home electronics. They tend to occur numerous times in a day and the majority of those times they can go unnoticed. Why do they occur though? It can be because of lighting, power trips, or even overloaded power outlets – just some of the reasons pertaining to things that are common. That is why having a power surge protector in your home should be a must, in order to prevent your expensive electronics from damage. 

    Surge protectors are like extension cords, similar to a normal power outlet that redirects the excess spike of electricity into the ground without passing through the cord. They’re usually pricier than standard extension cords but totally worth the money if it protects your home electronics in the long term.  

    5. Smart Door Lock

    Smart door locks are the new deal. Keyless and tamperproof, they are bound to take up your home security by a notch. There came about door locks that required the use of a code for locking/unlocking whereas smart door locks use remote control. Accessible from our mobile devices, lock or unlock your home while you’re in the driveway, at work, even if you have to unlock the door to let your neighbor in while you’re out of town.

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     Smart door locks are convenient and very safe. With the app respective to the brand, unlock several features such as automatic and scheduled lock timing, granting access to certain people, auto-lock as soon as the door shuts behind – you get the picture.


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