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    Top notch reasons why all About It Ink, Spokane tattoo shop is the best place to get your first tattoo 

    spokane tattoo artist all about it ink

    When it comes to getting a tattoo, everything has to be above perfect. It’s something that will stay on you for your entire life. Many people take it very seriously and spend a lot of time thinking about what kind of a tattoo they want. 

    No matter how amazing your thought of a tattoo is, a bad artist can ruin it within seconds. It is important to think about a tattoo for quite a while and get a meaningful one, but remember to take some time for researching and finding the best Spokane tattoo shops

    So, now let’s look into a few things you should consider while picking a tattoo shop (All about It Ink has it all). 

    Look at their work  

    There is no shortage of sketchy tattoo shops in Spokane, most of them don’t even have a perfect representation of their work. A large portion of tattoo shops print out random pictures of tattoos from the internet and refer to them as their work. 

    Before picking a Spokane Tattoo shop, look at their actual work, while they are doing it. If the tattoo shop does not allow you to do so, it’s straight up sketchy level one hundred. I am not talking about sitting with their customer and being a weirdo. You can ask for a video as well. 

    When it comes to all about It Ink, they have visual representation of their work on YouTube, instagram and face book. If you like how they interact and work, you can pay a visit. They are located south of North town Mall at 54 E Wellesley Ave. 

    They thrive to provide one of a kind type of art and have all their references on You can take a look at those and determine the design you like. 

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    Don’t go to places that seem trash

    A tattoo place is just like a hair salon or a beauty parlour, I bet you won’t get your haircut at a place that seems disgusting. It’s the same for tattoo shops. I am not saying that places that are dirty provide the worst services, but 9 out of 10 times that’s what happens. 

    Anyone planning to set up a tattoo shop can take this as a pro tip; make your place look squeaky clean. Remember the time when your mom yells at you when you have a disgusting room, you are going to experience the same thing at a dirty place. 

    If you get bad vibes from a place, it’s better you walk out. The brain definitely knows a lot more than you. When you feel like this place is just not it, there are chances that you won’t be satisfied with the final result. 

    Lets about All about It Ink for a second, don’t even get me started at their professionalism. I can keep going on and on about it for the next 20 hours. One of my friends just visited the place, he was mind blown by how amazing the place looks. 

    Do you like the artist you’ve picked? 

    It’s important that you like him/her as an artist but what’s more important is, do you like them as a person? One of the crucial things about getting a tattoo is not its end result, it’s the experience. 

    If you like the tattooer as an artist, it’ll provide an amazing end result. But if you also like him/her as a person, it’ll give an unforgettable experience. So, sit and talk with the artist about the tattoo for a bit of time, if you start to pick up good vibes then goes for it. If you don’t keep searching, you can find a ton of Spokane tattoo shops

    At All About It Ink, there are a group of wonderful artists like Justin Tyme and many more which are very skilled and good at communicating. You might not be able to connect with every single artist at All about It Ink but we’re sure that you’ll find one of them to be perfect. 

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    The artists will do everything in their hands to make you feel comfortable and at ease. What more could you possibly want?

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