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Top tips to master SEO by a Los Angeles SEO expert 

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November 12, 2020
SEO 2016

Blogs and websites have become a very main part of many businesses nowadays. It is possible to grow a brand enormously by posting fresh, in niche and relatable content. It’s for sure that typing in a couple of words to make a slight meaning will not get your site anywhere. The pro Los Angeles SEO companies do tell that you can get more traffic to the website by providing content, but the thing you should pay attention to is providing the right content. 

Here are a few tips to build your website or blog in the right way to generate more traffic. You can also consider these tips to be the 5 secrets of mastering SEO.

Keyword research is everything

It doesn’t matter how much time you spend to bring perfection to your content, if you don’t let Google know about that, it’s just a waste of time. You should make sure that you let google notice your content and show it to people on the browser. 

Before sitting down to write a blog, take some time to search the words and phrases people are searching to find the content you are going to write about. One of the crucial pieces of advice most Los Angeles SEO companies give is to take as much time possible on keyword research. 

Make a keyword spreadsheet to put everything in the right place, see how many times you repeat a particular keyword in the blog. Do search research about some ranking tools and choose the one that shows accurate ranking of your targeted keyword. 

Work according to the keywords

So far, you are done choosing your keywords, now it’s for you to apply them at the right place in the right way. Bit of a while ago, content writers could just dump a few keywords in the copy and they’re work is done. But now, it’s really not a piece of cake anymore. 

It sure is a good idea to put in the mandatory keywords in the copy as many times. But this is not going to do the work now. 

The keyword should be provided in the title, the first 300 words and in the first H1 or H2. Don’t include the same thing in all of the mentioned places, mention the main keyword a couple of times and alter it in different ways as you go ahead in the article. 

Get to knowing the basics of technical SEO

In case your website isn’t indexed, all of the keyword research and optimization will be a pure waste of time. Being a writer doesn’t only mean that you have to write a few hundred words and include keywords in them. There is a lot more to the task. 

Being a writer you should know to migrate a website or how to enable HTTPS across a complete browser. If you have a bit of knowledge about the technical side of SEO that’s equal to you mastering your first step of learning Los Angeles SEO

Focus on the length of the article 

Of course, I can’t deny the fact that 100 words of content is still better than none. But it’s just not equal to the value a 1000 words blog or article can provide. The search engine also admires longer content and promotes it more. 

If you can’t make it to at least 600 words, then you should try to widen the topic a little bit. But if you do have the option and can increase the word count up to 1000 or more words, don’t hesitate to go forward. 

Proof-read and edit

It is very important for you to focus on proof-reading; you’ll find a few mistakes here and there, that is for sure. Another important aspect is to have an aesthetically pleasing format for your article. 

No one wants to read long paragraphs of writing, no matter how interesting it is on the inside, 9 out of 10 times people won’t be interested. Instead, make subheading, bullet points etc to make the content look more organized. Including subheadings will give the reader an answer for what he/she is searching without reading the article the whole way through. 

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