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    Truckers Forming the Backbone of Dubai Economy

    rental truck services

    Road transportation is one of the critical links that make the high network of trading easier in Dubai. It increases productivity and efficiency, hence moving the economic growth at a faster pace. One of the essential features of road transport is bringing the development to the fronts of rural areas by opening them to trade and investment.

    Truckers form a considerable essence of road transportation in Dubai through rental truck services, and there are hardly any businesses that do not rely on their usage for active transportation nowadays. This sector provides direct employment to nearly 1.2 crore people.

    Importance in the logistics industry

    Due to the absence of waterways and air methods in the inner land of Dubai, the significance of trucks as a means of travel has increased profoundly. Roads haul the majority of the goods in the country, and gas transport rental trucks have paid a significant role in expanding the road network. Along with this, multiple expressways and links have been built to ensure smooth transportation throughout the country.

    This industry ensures the availability of goods, drinking water, food supplies, and other necessities, which otherwise would be challenging to reach through different transportation means.

    Shipping goods

    The most vital work performed by the gas transport rental trucks in Dubai is to deliver raw materials from manufacturers to local suppliers. Trucks transport raw materials from various locations, namely a few, mines, fines, and quarries to areas where they are turned into finished goods. These, in turn, are also supplied to wholesalers and retailers by this industry around the country to be sold to the customers. Even a slight collapse in the trucking industry of Dubai would leave millions of people out of the daily necessities that they rely upon the government for. It wouldn’t be considered an exaggeration to call truckers the backbone of Dubai’s economy.


    A vital sign of a healthy economy is low employment rates in its population. This industry of transportation has been on the front for years of providing essential jobs for the nation, only to grow more and offer better and steady employment to its employees.  This industry has been further bifurcated into two types of businesses:

    1. Small trucking business that operates on the owner-operator model. In this system, the truck-driver is self-employed. This way of working has proved to be very profitable for people.
    2. Significant trucking businesses often employ union drivers, and their work is to protect the industry’s and the union’s interests as a whole. This type of business provides job security and other benefits that drivers get to enjoy.

    Political influence

    The trucking industry has a vast amount of influence on Dubai’s economy and as an individual transport system. Due to the size and importance of this sector, several regulations have been put forward by the federal and state government in the country, which deems fit to be followed to ensure the safety of roads and truck drivers. These rules vary from restricting trucks to use specific routes, to observing lower speed limits, and acquiring a definitive rest time before driving through the region. The truckers adequately follow these policies in the mutual benefit of the country and its residents. It will be only fair to say that this harmony of truckers with the law, rules, and regulations has contributed to making Dubai such a well-managed city.

    Assisting people on the daily

    It is not hidden from anyone that Dubai is one of the busiest cities in the world. An impressive number of people live there, and a large group of people is continuously striving towards establishing themselves well in the city. This requires them to shift from one place to another, as per their job demands. Now, it is only obvious for them to seek help with moving out from one place and moving into another.

    Truckers come to the rescue by helping people move their things to their new addresses. It doesn’t end there. There are so many companies that even offer packing goods before they move them. They also help you in placing all your items in you’d new house. All of this is done for more money, of course. It must be kept in mind that this is a way in which truckers assist people on a daily basis. It is very much different from merely shipping goods for various businesses. If truckers didn’t help in moving the general items for us people from place to place, it would cost us so much more.

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    Supporting small scale business

    We have talked about how truckers help in shipping goods for established businesses and how they go around helping people shift from one place to another, on a daily basis. This is the point where we mention how truckers help in forming the backbone of Dubai’s economy in the most innovative way possible. There are so many truckers that offer their trucks to self-employed people on a rental basis. These self-employed people turn these rental trucks into their place of business. The truck can easily be transformed into a shop or a restaurant or a bar, depending on how the person wants to use it.

    The best part about this rental truck service is that it benefits both the parties – the trucker and the self-employed person. This is because the trucker gets a fixed monthly rent and the self-employed person gets a place to carry out his/her business in. If it wasn’t for the truck, the self-employed person might have been sitting jobless and broke because, apparently, actual shops are way too expensive in Dubai, even on a rental basis. Whereas, a rental truck is very affordable and mobile. This facilitates the self-employed person to expand his/her business with pre-existing resources.

    If you are looking for a truck rental company to take the economy forward and play your bit, Trukkin is a renowned logistic service provider in Dubai with their services available for truck rentals at just a call away.


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