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Utility Bidder Business Insights: The Help You Need for Your Business Utilities

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June 08, 2022
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Is your business having trouble with utilities? Are you experiencing skyrocketing utility prices with your electricity and gas? Or are you in need of someone to educate you regarding the cost of the said utilities?

Fret not! Here are Utility Bidder Business Insights for you! With over 68,000 businesses, UB Business Insights is being utilized to save up to 45% of their utility bills. This is, in fact, a huge help. Looking at these figures, 45% can surely help businesses serve their clients without worrying about an unpaid utility bill.

You may be wondering, “What is UB Business Insights?” “How is this going to help me?” “How is this going to be favorable for my business?”

What are Utility Business Insights?

UB Insight Series can guarantee you an expert’s advice. They can also give you other services such as an analysis of the Business Energy Market, professional advice on getting the most out of your supplier, and even an in-depth breakdown of how you can be economical for your business.

UB Insights will provide you with a service like no other. With a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, according to Trustpilot, UB Insights gives excellent help with up-to-date data. With their services, you can save up to £100! Setting it up will only take a few minutes which will surely be worth it.

With the ongoing tension between Russia and Ukraine, electricity and gas supply is at its low point. Not to mention worldwide economies are gradually picking up from the Coronavirus crisis. These are some factors affecting electricity and gas supplies.

Russia’s ongoing conflict is the main factor affecting electricity and gas prices today. The EU has already placed sanctions while other Western countries sought to go for a renewable alternative when it comes to electricity. This goes as well with Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of England, who wants to roll out renewable energy in the country.

As for gas, Europe has been supplied by Russia with over 45%. With the ongoing tension, these gas supplies are being utilized as a political weapon, with the Manilow pipeline flowing reverse countless times this year. The US has already banned all kinds of energy supplying resources, including gas, oil, and coal. On the other hand, the UK is looking to phase out all Russian energy resources by the end of the year.

The stated factors above can cripple one’s business. Time and money would be wasted if not appropriately invested, especially with the constant movement of electricity and gas prices. How will you get the best out of your utility provider and hold your business on the ground?

This is where Utility Bidder Business Insights comes in. We help every business with their utility bills: electricity, gas, and water. Whether you are a small business just starting or a big one wanting to cut some costs and save for future business endeavours, we can help you!

UB Business Insights will deliver you the best prices and deals that no one else can do for your business. Not only can we give you perfect arrangements for your business, but we can also provide you with efficient and green energy sources, especially if you want to shift to a more eco-friendly consumer.

Right now, there might be tons of questions running in your head. Do not worry. We will answer the most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will prices drop?

Since last year, the UK storage supply for gas has been low. It was even expected the supplies would not be replenished before 2022 arrived. The damages done to the National Grid in Kent had a considerable impact. Unfortunately, prices would unlikely go down before the warm temperatures this year.

The best action is to acquire and secure your next energy contract to save up for your business.

Have gas prices come down?

Sadly, no! Today, gas prices are outstandingly high as global economies recover from the Covid-19 pandemic. In Europe, pressure on gas supplies is at lower levels than usual. China, however, has already placed an increased demand on liquefied natural gas. Rates would be unavoidable at this rate, and there would be an estimated increase of about 20 to 50%. Your business should act now!

Will I still be able to find a cheap deal?

Yes, if you have been partnered with Utility Bidder. We are an award-winning third party energy broker and expert in this field. As you read this, the energy market is in constant flux, and suppliers suddenly leave the business. On the other hand, your choices slowly become limited. In our case, with years of experience and relationships, we assure you that we can provide a service where you can save up money for your business for a longer term.

What should I do if my supplier goes bust?

If this happens, Ofgem will have to move you to another energy service provider. You may have an energy supply for now, but this would mean you cannot choose your provider. This also entails that you could move to a more expensive tariff. However, if you’re with Utility Bidder, things would be different. If you work with Utility Bidder, you will have control of the process. You can also have the chance to take charge when it comes to searching to lock on charges with a stable energy provider.

Final Thoughts

Energy is an essential resource we have. Without energy, it would be impossible for us to run our businesses and everything else. Investing your time and money in something that can help you save and even provide a service like no other is a wise decision. UB Business Insights gives you the chance to change all that. They can provide professional advice in helping you have the best business while not worrying about your utilities. In UB Business Insights, we help you with unbiased switching advice.