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What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Apollo Munich and Edelweiss General Insurance?

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July 06, 2021
What Are The Benefits Of Choosing Apollo Munich And Edelweiss General Insurance?

Apollo Munich has now become a part of the HDFC ERGO as a health insurance company. Its origin dates back to 2007 and continues to provide quality health care services. It also boasts a highly flexible network system and technology that have surpassed all others. 

Edelweiss General Insurance company was founded in 1995 and provides exceptional customer service backed by an articulate focus on laws and regulations. The firm devotes itself to delivering customers a flexible and straightforward insurance process for the years to come. 

While both the companies are great, you may find it daunting to choose between the two during need. That is why we will outline the benefits of each for you to understand which one is best suited to your needs. Let us get started. 

Apollo Munich 

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit 

Policyholders need to pay the premiums for their insurance policy until the maturity date. When the maturity date arrives, the policyholder will receive all the benefits and the entire maturity amount together. 

Death Benefit Processing 

Whether you meet with accidental death or any other type, the insurance promises to cover for it. So, whatever premium is to be paid will be cleared off by the policyholder regularly. 

Flexible Payouts 

Insurance providers offer flexible payouts according to the requirement and preferences of the policyholder. If they want a lump sum or an easy installment, that depends on them. Such a thing enables the policyholder to plan their future accordingly and pay for their advances on time. 

Multiple Policy Terms 

Apollo Munich also avails of multiple policy terms wherein the policyholder is entitled to pay for the premiums as per their convenience. Most people regard this as one of the best policies of this insurance company. It eases the burden and offers a tailored approach for added comfort. 

Edelweiss General Insurance 

Maximum Cover 

With this health cover at hand, you can receive paramount protection and receive aid for critical illness conditions and daycare procedures. You can also receive assistance for maternity. 

Affordable Premiums 

This health insurance company allows you to pay affordable premiums so that both you and your family can secure themselves from any financial crunch right on time. As a result, you can pay off premiums without any inconvenience. 

24*7 Customer Support 

If you need customer assistance regularly, Edelweiss General Insurance can come to your rescue. Their customer care service is always available for you. So, you can resolve your queries at any time of the day, without thinking twice. 

Cashless Claims 

Any policyholder is entitled to receive cashless claims to meet their demands during any time of an emergency. This facility is available in more than thousands of hospitals for you. 

1500+ Cashless Garage 

Edelweiss is associated with nearly 1500+ garages that help you receive cashless assistance for your motor insurance right away. It doesn’t matter where you live, and you can receive this assistance without any hindrance. 

The Bottom Line 

These insurance companies are both flexible, affordable, and convenient for the policyholder. Make sure to determine your wants and needs before you apply for any one of them. When you evaluate which one you want, you can go ahead without any inconvenience.