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What Are The Easiest Indoor Plants To Take Care Of

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May 03, 2021
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Plants clean the air that you breathe and impact your mental health. But some people don’t like having them in their gardens or houses because they think they require a lot of maintenance and care. If you love plants but don’t have much time to look after them, you can always buy the easy ones to take care of. 

Research indicates that many plants need little maintenance. Some are indoor plants, while others are outdoor plants. This article highlights the most used indoor plants that are easy to maintain. 

Read on to know them.


  • Snake Plant


A snake plant is considered a die-hard plant that requires low maintenance. You may never like it if your decore can’t match its green and yellow colors. However, you may not know that there are snake plants with silver and dark green colors that can match almost any décor. 

Most homeowners prefer snake plants because of many reasons. They can do well in well-lit conditions and darker areas. That means, even if you place them in a dark corner, they’ll still thrive. They also need little watering. Those who have these plants claim that they water them after two or three weeks.

If you want to sleep soundly in a clean environment, have a pot of snake plants in your bedroom. They’ll purify the surrounding air and ensure you breathe fresh and clean air. You don’t need to worry about humidity conditions if you intend to buy this plant. 

They can thrive well in such conditions and keep away insects, bugs, and pests in your home. However, be careful if you have children around your home. This plant has saponins in its leaves that can poison pets and children if invested.


  • Spider Plant


Spider plants can adapt to harsh environmental conditions. There are relatively resistant to drought and don’t require a lot of lighting. Some people prefer to have them in their houses because they’re ideal hangers. Apart from requiring low maintenance, they eliminate toxins from the air and have pleasing colors. 

Their disadvantage may be their tendency to dry out between waterings and growing faster. You’ll find them in variegated, green, or curly varieties. They require watering once after a week or two. 


  • ZZ Plant


This is a plant that you can keep in your house for more than ten years. You’ll only need to repot it after about three years. It can thrive in harsh circumstances and locations. Some dogs like chewing the leaves of this plant. However, that shouldn’t worry you because they’re not toxic. 

If placed outside and left in extremely harsh temperatures, its stems may droop and yellow. However, when you take it back indoors, it’ll recover quickly and grow new stems. You’ve probably seen the ZZ plant in several malls because it grows well in dark areas. Despite this, it loves bright light. You may require to water it only once after every two weeks since it stores water in its succulent stems. 


  • Kokedama


Kokedama is a popular plant from Japan. They’re mostly hang because they look like moss balls. The beauty of these plants is that they can be easily propagated or bought in a store. 

Propagating them may be quite difficult, but once they grow, they’ll easily thrive. They require a lot of natural light and fertilizer to thrive well.

Summing Up

You shouldn’t shy away from growing indoor plants because some are easier to maintain. These plants require little watering and care but will still beautify your house.