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What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do Exactly?

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October 13, 2020
What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do Exactly?

It was lunchtime when tragedy struck.

Outside a San Jose mall, people were having fun eating in an outdoor dining area. When suddenly a man driving a Toyota 4 Runner lost control of his vehicle. Crashing into the food tent, the driver hit 8 people, putting 2 of the victims in critical condition.

Unfortunately, accidents like this happen more often than you’d think. If you or a loved one was recently injured, it may be time to hire a personal injury attorney.

What does a personal injury lawyer do? Read on to find out.

What Is a Personal Injury Attorney?

First, let’s quickly review what it means to be a personal injury attorney. When someone’s injuries are the result of another person’s negligence, an attorney can help the injured party file a claim.

The injuries can be physical, such as broken bones, or psychological, like pain and suffering. The main goal of hiring an attorney is to receive compensation for the damages you’ve suffered.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

Moving on, personal injury lawsuits can cover a wide variety of situations. Here’s a shortlist of common personal injury cases:

  • Car accident injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Workplace accident
  • Product liability
  • Premises liability
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Boating accidents
  • Nursing home abuse

By hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can have the help you need to complete the claims process. From paperwork to navigating the court systems, your lawyer will be someone you can trust to help you make the best decisions.

Investigate Your Claim

When you file an injury claim, investigations are going to take place on both sides. For instance, let’s say you slipped and fell in a store because they failed to put up a wet floor sign. The store’s liability insurer is going to begin investigating exactly what took place.

During their investigation, the insurance company is going to ask you for a formal statement. It’s always a good idea to wait to give a formal statement until you’ve spoken with your lawyer.

While the store’s insurance provider is looking for the truth, they’re also incredibly biased. It’s the insurance companies main goal to relieve their client of any liability.

Additionally, your injury lawyer will also be investigating the claim. Your lawyer will work hard to uncover facts that help support your side of the argument. Finally, by gathering as many facts as possible, your attorney can help you respond to any arguments regarding your claim.

Distribute Demand Letters

Demand letters are a way to clearly outline your side of the argument regarding the accident. Here are a few things your demand letter will include:

  • History of claim
  • Request for resolution
  • Threat of court

One of the trickiest parts of writing a demand letter is being polite, while also standing your ground and stating the hard facts. Your lawyer will be able to take care of all the wording for you since they’re experienced in crafting effective demand letters. A well-written demand letter can make a world of difference when it comes to determining the outcome of your claim.

Once the letter is complete, your lawyer will send the demand letter to the insurance adjuster for your claim. However, before your attorney can write the demand letter, they’ll first need to fully review the accident with you.

Review the Accident With You

The first time you meet with your injury attorney, they’re going to want to review all of the details of your case. The more prepared you are for the meeting, the easier it’ll be for you to provide your lawyer with the full picture regarding the accident.

Here are a few things you should gather for your first meeting:

  • Documents regarding diagnoses
  • Medical bills
  • Ambulance service information
  • Hospital dates
  • List of current medications
  • Health insurance paperwork
  • Auto insurance paperwork
  • Police report
  • Photos of accident scent
  • Photos of injuries

Your lawyer will use all of the documents on the list above, to determine how they want to approach your case. The more documents you can provide the easier it’ll be to build a strong case around your claim.

Collect Evidence

If you missing any of the key pieces of evidence you need for your case, your lawyer will be able to help you obtain them. For instance, are you having trouble tracking down the police report?

Then your injury attorney will be able to get a copy for you. Next, your lawyer’s going to want to reach out to speak to any witnesses that were present at the accident scene.

After getting witness statements your lawyer may also choose to hire a photographer to get photos of where the accident took place. Finally, lawyers can also be a great help when it comes to getting the necessary medical records to help prove your case.

Negotiate With Insurance Providers

Since insurance companies’ main goal is to pay you as little money as possible, your lawyer may instruct you to avoid speaking to them. Instead, your lawyer will be able to speak on your behalf, ensuring that you don’t accidentally accept liability for the accident in any way.

Represent You at Trial

Last but not least, your lawyer will also be able to represent you if your case goes to trial. Oftentimes, personal injury claims are settled outside of the courtroom. However, if you have a complex case, a trial may be necessary to come to a full resolution.

Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Now that you know more about what personal injury attorney does, what’s 1 thing you’re looking forward to having help with? Are you excited about the idea of having your attorney negotiate with insurance companies? Or are you relieved to know that an attorney can also assist you in gathering evidence for the case?

We hope that our article will help you see you don’t have to deal with your claim alone. There is help out there. For more tips like the ones in this article, check out the rest of this site.


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