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    What Is the Average Efficiency of Solar Panels?

    Solar Panels

    Did you know the price of the average solar panel has dropped by nearly 70% over the last decade? There’s no doubt that the price of solar panels has changed over the years, but what about the efficiency of the panels?

    To answer this question in this article we’ll be taking a closer look at the average efficiency of solar panels. That way, you know how much of the sun’s energy your panels can capture. Let’s get started!

    What Does Solar Panel Efficiency Mean?

    When most people think of solar panels they picture them absorbing sunlight and converting all of it to usable energy. But, the reality is that converting sunlight is hard work.

    The efficiency of solar panels is low. And, even the most efficient panels on the market are still only able to convert a small percentage of the sunlight.

    So, when we discuss solar panel efficiency we’re talking about a form of measurement that’s used to determine the amount of sunlight it can convert. Let’s say a solar panel’s efficiency is 18%.

    That means whenever the sun hits it 18% worth of the sun’s energy will be transformed into usable solar energy.

    What’s the Average Efficiency of Solar Panels?

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    These days most solar panels come with an efficiency rating of between 15% and 20%. Seem a bit low? Don’t panic.

    Scientists have already experienced a breakthrough by getting multi-junction cells up to 40% in terms of solar panel efficiency.

    However, for now, you will need to settle for 23% which is the high possible efficiency you can get for commercial use. Just remember that to increase solar panel efficiency you will need to pay a higher price.

    There are some cases where it’s worth the extra cost. For example, if you have limited roof space, the high-efficiency panels are for you.

    How to Get the Best Solar Panels for Your Home

    As we mentioned, you want solar panels with as high an efficiency as you can find. So, how do you find these products? Look for businesses with a large range of operations.

    For example, when you choose solar with Blue Raven you get access to an entire network of suppliers that can help you.

    So, no matter where you’re located they can help you. They should also have a lot of years worth of experience. That way, you know your system will be installed correctly.

    Enjoy Learning About Solar Panels? Keep Reading

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    We hope this article helped you learn about the average efficiency of solar panels. As you can see, there’s steady progress being made in terms of solar panel efficiency.

    But, they also have a long way to go before they can capture all of the sun’s energy. Did you appreciate this guide? If the answer is yes, then keep reading to find more topics just like this on our website.


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