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What to Consider While Choosing LED Grow Light

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August 01, 2020
LED grow light

As more people continue to adopt homegrown and indoor cultivation, grow lights technology has dramatically improved. In today’s market, you can easily find ideal lights regardless of your grow space and preferences. As more innovative LED grow light hit the market, choosing the best option can be overwhelming. Here are a few factors to include in your shopping endeavors to help you settle on the best lights.

Type of plants

Various plants have a different light intensity and color requirements to flourish. As you hit the market, knowing your target plants and the intensity that works well goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t pick just about any LED grow light. You could even kick your efforts a notch higher and settle for specialized options. For example, as more users continue to embrace homegrown cannabis seeds, you can find cannabis LED grow lights.. This is a system specially designed to match cannabis grow requirements, easing your efforts while setting up the grow area, and maintaining optimum lighting.

Grow process

Do you intend to grow year-round, or per season? With innovative technologies, it is now easier to find advanced LED grow lights with additional features such as a programmable timer. This helps you to lower the workload and ensure that the plants receive optimum light. Setting the duration that the lights turn on and off might seem like an insignificant consideration. Still, if you are growing plants for an extended period, the features come in handy in ensuring that you save time and energy and maintain the best light duration and intensity.

Grow area

Are you growing plants in a greenhouse, the basement, or living space? Considering your grow area helps you to pick LED grow lights that won’t affect your overall layout. If, for instance, you intend to grow a few plants in your living space, you need an option that seamlessly bends with the rest of the room, without being too bright or noisy. The available space also helps you narrow your options to a size that won’t give you a headache trying to position without affecting the area and the plants’ growth.


Are you planning to use casters, requiring mobility? As you choose LED grow lights, considering their setup and how it affects your mobility preference is essential. With the inventive designs in the market, you can find a mobile solution that won’t affect your growing endeavors.

Plants growth

Apart from the light intensity and duration, while considering the best LED grow light option, you should also consider how tall the plants grow. The good news, however, is that with an adjustable system, you can find an ideal solution that can be configured to meet the plants’ height.

While browsing through the extensive pool of available options can be a little demanding, the best LED grow lights offer numerous benefits as you strive to grow indoor plants. With the right LED grow lights, you can easily control and provide the plants with optimum lighting, facilitating healthy growth.