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What’s Covered In Your Life Insurance?

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August 21, 2021
What's Covered In Your Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a big topic, and it can be difficult to understand what you are actually purchasing. Here we will cover the basics of life insurance so that when you purchase your next policy, you know exactly what coverage options are available to you.

What is life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between you and an insurer. The company agrees to pay your beneficiaries if you should die before the policy expires, or in some cases after it expires by paying out a lump sum of money upfront called the death benefit. You can also purchase life insurance for someone who doesn’t need coverage themselves but would like their family to be able to survive in the event of their death.

In exchange for this payment, you agree not only to pay a regular premium but also agree that if your contract is terminated early by cancellation or non-payment of premiums, then any unpaid balance owed will be forgiven and waived (in other words, no refund). There are different types of insurance plans. You can buy term insurance online, which offers you coverage for a fixed time.

What Is Covered In A Life Insurance?

There are a wide variety of things that life insurance coverage can protect. These include:

  • Your spouse if you die before they do, or your children and grandchildren in case of death during the dependency.
  • The mortgage on your home, so if anything happens to you, it’s not added onto their debt load.
  • Any money owed on credit cards to help your loved ones pay that off.
  • The balance of a car loan, so they don’t have to worry about what comes next.
  • Any amount of money you owe on loan, so it doesn’t have to burden your loved ones.
  • Any ongoing medical costs they would incur if anything happened to you.

Most standard life insurance plans will cover the above and more with no problem or additional payments needed from you. However, there is always an exception as some people may need to purchase supplemental life insurance to cover specific debts, such as a home mortgage.

When you buy the right type of coverage and your rates are correctly priced according to your age, health status, and risk factors (such as smoking), the rate must be reasonable in comparison with other offers available on the market for similar levels of coverage. You can look for the best term insurance online that will cover your needs for a specific time period.


In order to make sure you have the right life insurance coverage for your needs, it is important that you understand how much and what type of protection will help protect not only yourself but also those around you. This article has given some insight on just a few things covered by typical life insurance policies, as well as providing ways to get more information about life insurance.